Genre: Techno



Shaleen has become a part of SEELEN.-crew recently; her first Vinyl-only release will be out on SEELEN.’s record-label this year. Earlier she invented SURD event-series, and made it run with her friends.



F-Rontal (1995) is an young, motivated Techno-DJ and Producer from Ludwigshafen/Germany..He started his Career at the age of 16. His style of driving beats and melodical sounds shows his versatility. The resident of Vollgaaas Entertainment and since 2018 senior manager of the record company Vollgaaas Records also established himself with his releases on Beatport and …

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Andata / Customized Culture

ANDATA / Customized Cultur

“We, Maximilian Schladitz, Andreas Beiderwieden & Dennis Trastovskiy, founded Customized Culture. This includes our music label, our fashion brandCustomized Couture and our events division. We unite everything together under a sophisticated artistic concept.A brand that embodies much more than the pure combination of music, fashion and art. Customized Culture creates a newculture and lets boundaries …

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In 2018, Chlär officially entered the techno scene by releasing his first EP on Bipolar Disorder Rec at the age of 20. His first involvement in the world of electronic music consisted of organizing illegal rave parties in his home country; Switzerland. Having played in several major club capitals in Europe, he has caught the …

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More and more the world of dance music is changing every year; it is complemented by new names, new characters, new styles and trends. In this impetuous flow it is very important for an artist not to lose the guiding line that once was a start of a wonderful DJ’s and sound producer’s life. Precisely …

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BOHO is filling a gap in the world of underground electronic music. The names got bigger and bigger and as of now, BOHO’s name has even been written on EP’s released by world wide top notch labels: Senso Sounds | Stil Vor Talent | Octopus Rec. | Yoshitoshi Rec. | Jannowitz Rec. | Night Light …

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Dj Emerson

Still a youngblood of Germany’s techno scene, Emerson struck a chord with multilayeredtechno; enriched in quality and indicative of his synthetic electronic style.Founder of the esteemed Micro.fon imprint, he has opened the door and brought driving technofrom its barren lands to a new territory built upon groove and bounce.With releases on labels as diverse as …

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Emanuel Satie

Born in Frankfurt and now based in Berlin, is a man on a mission.  Following a stellar breakthrough year in 2016 with several big releases which fired him into the public eye, he’s been on the march ever since. Notably his 2018 “Don’t Forget To Go Home“ summer anthem was unquestionably one of the tracks …

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Holger Nielson

Holger Nielson, originally born in the South of Germany, began his DJ career in the first days of theemerging Berlin techno scene. Since then, Berlin has been his home and mainstay as he grew that intoclub residencies, record labels, and beyond.Using his alter-ego “Holgi Star” and his label, Holger had worldwide success early on …

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For some individuals, career choices seem to turn out naturally. Julius Debler (aka) “Introversion” is one of them: “Inever planned a music career, it just happened. I started making music in my early childhood.”Now, the 25-year-old Berliner by choice who defines himself as producer, sound designer and DJ is part of the new generation of …


Mann mit dunklem Hintergrund

Gernot Müller

Gernot Müller combines more than ten years of bundled music marketing experience in his marketing agency ‘Voltage Circus’, which specializes in the marketing of deejays and bands. His daily business includes strategic marketing consulting for artists such as Topic, Ran-D, Klaudia Gawlas, Magdalena and many more.  Successes of the agency are releases that made it …

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