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The Berlin Dance Music Event is a multi-day gathering for the electronic music industry. With the Gathering Event, an educational and influential platform is created, in which the new generation of artists and professionals of electronic music, can be inspired and work on their personal development. In addition, the event offers high-quality contributions to current topics of the scene and is also an ideal place for networking established players in the industry.

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* Limited capacity at venues – read more at our FAQ.
** only if the local conditions allow it – read more at our FAQ.


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* Limited capacity at venues – read more at our FAQ.
** only if the local conditions allow it – read more at our FAQ.


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* Limited capacity at venues – read more at our FAQ.
** only if the local conditions allow it – read more at our FAQ.




Some of our values

The Berlin Dance Music Event (BDME) aims to create a multi-day gathering for electronic music and its industry. This year, more than 800 participants are expected. The two-day event offers high-quality contributions on current topics in the music scene and serves as an ideal networking venue for established industry players. Discussion panels, live interviews and lectures will be used to discuss and present important topics. Being one of the few events of its kind, networking is the top priority for most attendees.

BDME also creates an educational and influential platform where the new generation of electronic music artists and professionals can get inspired and work on their personal development. The event will feature 60 events, including panels, lectures and screenings, with more than 120 artists and speakers on site from May 25-28. The convention/conference portion will take place at four venues: Ritter Butzke, Riverside Studio and SAE Institute. Panels will be professionally recorded and edited for later publication. Selected panels will also be streamed live to allow guests to participate digitally.

The Berlin Dance Music Event as a congress and conference event creates an attractive base for the music industry. With each new speaker and artist, market performance increases exponentially, opening new markets for international investment in Berlin. Investments in events, infrastructures such as clubs and venues, art and culture as well as digitalization are targeted.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This project was funded as part of the Union’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The concept for the Berlin Dance Music Event 2023 (BDME) aims to make the event sustainable. Various measures have been developed in the areas of accommodation, venue, transport, catering, equipment, technology, personnel, procurement, event program and communication.

a) Accommodation: The goal is to provide sustainable lodging by preferentially selecting accommodations with environmentally friendly practices. Preference will be given to hotels with sustainability certifications, and at least 80% of the organized accommodations shall be within the vicinity of the event venue and close to public transportation. The selected accommodations shall be powered exclusively by renewable energy.

b) Venue: Efforts will be made to select a sustainable venue that meets environmentally friendly standards, such as energy efficiency, waste management, and recycling capabilities. Renewable energy generation at the venue will be sought.

c) Transportation: Efforts will be made to increase the percentage of transportation by public transportation. At least 80% of participants will be expected to reach the event by rail, and incentives such as discounted group tickets will be offered. Air travel will be fully offset, and public transportation will be prioritized for event transportation.

d) Catering: sustainable catering will be provided, using regional, seasonal and certified organic products. Single-use plastic will be minimized and replaced with reusable or biodegradable alternatives. Vegetarian and vegan options are offered.

e) Equipment: recyclable or reusable materials are preferred for equipment, and the use of disposable items is reduced.

f) Technology: energy-efficient technologies will be used, such as low-power devices and technologies to improve communication between participants to reduce the need for physical resources.

g) Staff, including diversity: attention is paid to diversity and inclusion in the selection of the team to include different perspectives and experiences. Staff will be appropriately trained to implement sustainable practices.

h) Procurement: Sustainable procurement policies are implemented by giving preference to suppliers with sustainable practices. Packaging materials are reduced, and durability and recyclability are considered.

i) Event program: The event program will be expanded to include sustainable content, such as workshops, lectures and discussion panels on environmental protection, sustainability in the music industry and other relevant topics. Artists involved in environmental awareness and social responsibility will also be invited to spread positive messages and raise participants’ awareness of sustainability.

k) Accessibility: We place great emphasis on accessibility to ensure that all people, regardless of their individual needs, can participate in our event. This includes measures such as barrier-free access, wheelchair ramps, elevators, sufficient space for wheelchairs, tactile floor markings for the visually impaired, and sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired. We want our event to be accessible to all and no one to be excluded.

Read full concept: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17jM8hSfqZjL5_Bsg1exKTte9fBl_1Bqv/view?usp=sharing

Our event focuses on information and education about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Both participants and the public will be actively informed about the SDGs. We want to create awareness of the global Sustainable Development Goals and show how each individual can contribute to their realization. Through a variety of information and education activities, such as lectures, workshops, and interactive exhibitions, we give participants and the general public the opportunity to learn about the SDGs, ask questions, and advocate for a more sustainable future.

more: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

We hereby commit on behalf of Berlin Dance Music Events to actively contribute to the protection of our environment at all future congresses and events. We are aware that events can have a significant impact on the environment and we want to ensure that we do our best to host a sustainable event. Therefore, we are committed to taking the following measures:

  • Using environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled paper and cardboard, for all printed materials.
  • Avoiding unnecessary printing on paper by using digital technologies, such as electronic program guides, presentations and ticketing.
  • Use of energy efficiency and sustainability criteria when selecting venues and service providers.
  • Use of environmentally friendly catering options that rely on local and seasonal foods and avoid plastic packaging.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among attendees by providing informational materials and encouraging environmentally friendly behaviors.

We are committed to upholding this commitment and constantly improving to actively contribute to the protection of our environment.

We hereby commit to creating and promoting an inclusive and diverse work environment.
We recognize that diversity and inclusion are paramount to the success of our business and to the advancement of a just and productive society. Therefore, we are committed to taking the following actions:

  • Create a work environment where every employee is welcomed and treated equally regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability or other characteristics.
  • Implement diversity and inclusion initiatives aimed at increasing access to career opportunities, training and advancement for all employees.
  • Monitor and review our recruiting and hiring processes to ensure we are building and promoting a diverse workforce.
  • Promoting open communication and collaboration that allows all employees to contribute their perspectives and ideas.
  • Include diversity and inclusion awareness workshops in our congressional program to raise awareness of these issues.

We are committed to upholding this commitment and continuously improving to create an inclusive and diverse work environment.



  • The Berlin Dance Music Event 2023 recognizes the importance and responsibility it carries as an event for the destination Berlin.
  • No specific social or environmental projects related to the event are currently being implemented.


  • Berlin Dance Music Event 2023 strives to leave a sustainable legacy in Berlin and to have a positive impact on the destination.
  • The legacy should include both social and environmental aspects and create long-term benefits for the Berlin community.

Measures to Achieve Goals:

  • Identify specific social projects: The Berlin Dance Music Event 2023 will partner with local organizations and non-profits to identify social projects that can be supported by the event. These could be, for example, educational projects, social initiatives or cultural programs.
  • Implementation of ecological projects: The event will take steps to promote ecological projects in Berlin. This includes, for example, tree planting campaigns, energy efficiency measures or the promotion of renewable energies.
  • Communication and public relations: The Berlin Dance Music Event 2023 will actively communicate the legacy and positive impact on the destination. Public relations measures such as information events will help raise awareness of the projects and the sustainable orientation of the event.
  • Collaboration with local stakeholders: to achieve sustainability goals and leave a meaningful legacy, the event will work closely with relevant local stakeholders, authorities and communities. This is to ensure broad support and long-term impact of the projects.


The goal of the Berlin Dance Music Event (Berlin DME) is to create a multi-day gathering for the electronic music industry. With the Gathering Event, an educational and influential platform is created, in which the new generation of artists and professionals of electronic music, can be inspired and work on their personal development.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us at info@berlin-dance-music-event.com

In Berlin, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg on the
14. – 18. May 2025

Our Conference Venues are the Ritter Butzke, Riverside Studios and the SAE Institute

In the night Venues we cooperate with over 15 clubs.

Over 300 Artists & Speaker

Over 40 Conference Events and around 40 Nightevents

You can find more info under the tab Artist & Speaker and Events

What do well-known artists think about issues such as mental health, sustainability and diversity?

At what point does a newcomer need a manager?

How to get the best out of platforms like Beatport, Bandcamp, Spotify,…

Music production sound design, mixing & mastering, …

Formats like masterclasses, workshops, discussions, lectures, networking events

We would like to make the event interactive and are very happy about your ideas. Please submit your ideas to info@berlin-dance-music-event.com

If you are interested in partnering up with Berlin Dance Music Event, feel free to send a proposal to our team at partnerships@berlin-dance-music-event.com

Mail: info@berlin-dance-music-event.com
Mobil: +49 (0) 171 3403148


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