Minimal / Deeptech

Eclectic Elektra and Evert

It’s time to get frisch-pikant. Both hailing from sunny Brabant in the Netherlands, Berlin-based Eclectic Elektra and Evert are here to serve you saucy tunes. Expect various shades of house music, electro, acid, and 90s trance during this long overdue back-to-back world premiere.


Two days opening with interviews, limited splatter vinyl releases, and a demo pool for our label!


Deep House, Minimal House, Tech House: Genres, die den Sound von Leeni ganz gut beschreiben. Und doch bleiben diese Bezeichnungen auf der ständig in Bewegung befindlichen Oberfläche. Darunter, also im Kern, lässt sich das, was Leeni als DJ und Produzentin macht, am besten so beschreiben: Good Vibes. Denn wenn sie im Staub eines sommerlichen Festivalnachmittags …

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Rolf Ring

Started producing&djing about 8 years ago. Focus is on Minimal Techno. Music is the place I find my freedom.

Leon Licht

Working as a discjockey since 2007, Leon Licht has become an all-round DJ and a chameleon of sorts. Being knee deep into Berlin’s pulsating nightlife and his full dedication to the craft have cemented his way to the top. Growing a dedicated following and earning a reputation of delivering energetic vibes. First and foremost stands …

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Temazcal is the essence of a long journey, the gift of an Aztec that would change her life. Long ago Temazcal discovered her preference for music from the electronic universe, in which she moved for many years. Fascinated by the fact that music is a language that everyone can understand without having to speak, she …

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Trig Fardust

Creating a visual experience for the last 25 years Trig Fardust has presented his visuals at prestigious music and dance events, clubs, festivals, art events, theater and fashion shows all across Germany, his native Switzerland as well as travelling and exploring many exotic destinations such as Russia.Always close to the pulse of the music industry …

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Apart from her role as Industry Relations Chief at Dance TV, Karina Chaczbabian, artist name: Karina, is a DJ, producer, and an avid vinyl collector. She is the curator of the Dance TV Soundcloud DJ Mix series and an active video publisher of Dance TV content. Influenced by her international upbringing in Egypt, Poland, and …

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Freedom B at the Berlin dance music event 2023


Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin. Many speak about Madrid. Many say that he’s been his club at the DJ table but we really don’t know and it doesn’t’ matter. Everything’s in the music, in the rhythm and overall, in the freedom of the beat. In the …

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Ludovic Rambaud BDME

Ludovic Rambaud

Electronic music journalist since 2001, involved with medias like DJ Mag & Clubbing TV, Ludovic Rambaud is one of the most skilled media freak in France. Content creator, manager and artistic director for different size projects, he joined Family Piknik in 2013 and became the second mind behind this festival, next to Tom Pooks. Heading …

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