How to use your Nightlife Pass

Congratulations on purchasing your Nightlife Pass! This pass gives you exclusive access to five partner club events. Find out how to make the most of your pass below:

Visit our website to see the upcoming events you can access with your Nightlife Pass. You can also view the dress code, venue and other details for each event and find out how many credits each event costs. Please note that some events are free for BDME guests and do not require a ticket or any credits. (Website Update 12 of April)

Choose an event to attend and make sure you plan accordingly. You can also decide on the night of the event which event you would like to attend spontaneously.

When you arrive at the club, show your Nightlife Pass to the bouncer or a staff member at the entrance. They will scan the QR code on your pass to confirm your entry. With your Nightlife Pass, you no longer have to worry about registering or waiting in long lines. You can enter the club easily and quickly and enjoy your night to the fullest.

Now that you’re inside, you can enjoy the event and have a great time!

Your Nightlife Pass is a digital ticket that you should always have handy on your phone or other mobile device. Each time you attend an event, the QR code on your pass is scanned and after five scans the ticket becomes inactive. So keep track of how many events you have attended and how many passes you have left.

With your Nightlife Pass, you can experience the best nightlife events in the city without having to worry. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now and plan your next night out!

BDME Festival: Practical Information

If you lost your tickets, you can click here.
All you have to do is fill in the email address that you bought your tickets on and SeeTickets will make sure you get access to your tickets again.

For (individual) festival tickets make sure to check out our program and simply add tickets to your basket as you explore all events.
Tip: Filter the program by “Show only events with available tickets” to get a quick view.

Most festival events have an age limit of 18+ (and sometimes even 21+ or 23+), these are German governmental rules which say that below the age of 18 you are not allowed to enter a club. Please double-check the promotors website to be sure you can enter the event.

There are several ways to get around in Berlin. The  public transport is fully operational during BDME. You can buy public transport tickets at your departure station. You can also rent a bike or use one of Berlin’s taxi services.
You are ready for the ‘do it the Amsterdam way’ of travelling? Good choice, explore about cycling in Berlin here. Never stuck in traffic and always on time for all your BDME activities.

Uber around
Uber gets you wherever you need to go. Download the app, request a ride and a nearby driver will arrive in minutes.

Please visit one of our into & ticket centers to receive your personal badge & wristband:

BDME Info & Ticket Center at Ritter Butzke
Wednesday 22 May: 16:00 to 19:00
Thursday 23 May: 11:30 to 18:00
Friday 24 May: 11:30 to 18:00
Saturday 25 May: 10:00 to 12:00
BDME Info & Ticket SAE Institute
Friday 24 May: 11:30 to 18:00
Saturday 25 May: 10:00 to 12:00

Please be aware that your E-ticket is strictly personal and non-transferable. Identification with your ID is mandatory which means your items cannot be picked up by someone else.
Also, don’t forget to complete your details before BDME to make sure we have all your details for your personal badge.

The BDME All Access Pass grants you access to the complete BDME program. Meaning all conference tracks, arts & culture and festival events (including sold out events). Do keep in mind that there’s a limited capacity that each venue takes into account for wristband holders. After the capacity is reached each venues holds a “one-wristband-out / one-wristband-in” door policy. We advise you to be on time at bigger/popular venues.
The BDME All Access Pass would be a perfect fit, if you are planning on enjoying the combination of day and night events. Please be aware it’s not just a festival pass.

BDME 2024: Conference tickets

The BDME Conference program exists of a selection of (sub)conferences. Therefor, we also use offer multiple ticket types. Want to learn more on what each conference ticket type includes? Head over to the ticket page to learn more!
Not sure which ticket type would suit you most? Discover our conference program here to find out the program by using the multiple filters.
For (individual) festival tickets make sure to check out our festival program and simply add tickets to your basket as you explore all events.

  • Valid all four days
  • Access to the complete Festival, nightlife events and Arts & Culture program*
  • Access to all conference events
  • Join dedicated networking events
  • Access to all official Business Hubs

Yes, all official BDME Festival events listed on the BDME website are accessible with your BDME Pro Pass (limited capacity at venues). When capacity has been reached, a one out one in rule applies.

BDME All Access Pass is the ultimate business and inspiration platform for the global electronic music industry, featuring dedicated programming for music professionals, talented creators and the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Yes, the BDME All Access Pass is a personal ticket and therefore has to be personalized before 23 May 24.
By personalizing your pass you’ll get access to our online delegates database, access to the BDME conference (including a badge) and a wristband that grants access to the full BDME festival program.

When you make your order you can personalize your conference tickets straight away or decide to do so later. Please make sure to personalize your tickets as soon as possible to get access to the online delegate database and access to BDME in May.
Be aware: unpersonalized tickets will not receive access to event.

Yes, you can change names yourself prior to BDME via the portal of our ticketing provider Paylogic. Click on the “manage order” button below in your confirmation e-mail to update the name(s).

Please note that, as stated in our terms & conditions, we needed to have received a request prior to 23 April in order to process a request.

  • What do well-known artists think about issues such as mental health, sustainability and diversity?
  • At what point does a newcomer need a manager?
  • How to get the best out of platforms like Beatport, Bandcamp, Spotify,…
    Music production sound design, mixing & mastering, …
  • Formats like masterclasses, workshops, discussions, lectures, networking events

We would like to make the event interactive and are very happy about your ideas. Please submit your ideas to


The press accreditation request form for BDME 2024 will be opened January, 2024.

Visit our Press page to read BDME official press releases.

About BDME

Electronic Music Conference and Festival
The goal of the Dance Music Event Berlin (Berlin DME) is to create a multi-day gathering for the electronic music industry. With the Gathering Event, an educational and influential platform is created, in which the new generation of artists and professionals of electronic music, can be inspired and work on their personal development. In addition, the event offers high-quality contributions to current topics of the scene and is also an ideal place for networking established players in the industry. The way to the relaunch of the electronic dance music culture.

BDME 2024 will take place 23/24/25/26 May 2024

In Berlin, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Our Conference Venues are the Ritter Butzke, Riverside Studios and the SAE Institute
In the night Venues we cooperate with over 15 clubs.

If you are interested in partnering up with Berlin Dance Music Event, feel free to send a proposal to our team at

Please send your application to

You can follow us on Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Check out our Linktree. Also make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date.

Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone!
+ E-mail:
+ Phone: +49 (0) 171 340 314 8

The full line-up will be announced at the beginning of 2024. Please follow our socials and newsletter to stay up to date.

Artist/Producer, Industry Professional, Raver for everyone in the electronic music industry.

Over 150 Artists & Speaker, over 40 Conference Events and around 40 Nightevents
You can find more info under the page Artist & Speaker and Events.

24/7 Electronic Music with everything that goes with it.
The deep dive into the unique scene and culture.
Personal contact with the important players in a passionate atmosphere.
Combining personal development and partying.

Conference Pass (All Day, One Day)
Nightlife Pass
All Access Pass

We have made an agreement with the clubs to create a separate entrance for All Access Pass and Nightlife Pass Holder to enter the clubs easily. Not all clubs can implement this due to structural and local conditions.


Buy your ticket or be the first one to know about news!

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Berlin Dance Music Event
10243 Berlin
Straße der Pariser Kommune 29

Your Festival Program for 2024

Here you can download the whole festival program or click together your personal one with the BDME platform.