Svenja has been working for GEMA since august 2022. Her responsibilities include supporting internal and external communications on the topic of distribution. She studied philosophy and political science.

Ellen Dosch-Roeingh

From dental assistant to club dancer to communication designer and event & artist manager – Ellen has explored many fields and her path eventually led her to Berlin. Music was omnipresent in her family, and she also tried her hand at various instruments, from the recorder in elementary school to piano, guitar, and singing. However, …

Ellen Dosch-Roeingh Read More »

Desiree Warren

Desiree is a versatile music industry professional with expertise in experiential production, brand partnerships, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Since the start of her career at Beatport in 2019, she has taken on various roles and embarked on an international adventure, relocating from the US to the vibrant city of Berlin. In her current …

Desiree Warren Read More »

Sven from Somnambul BLN

Sven Gohrband was born on August 15, 1972 in the western part of Berlin. In the early 1990s he came into contact with the pioneers of electronic music in the Linientreu disco, where the first techno parties later took place. In the mid-1990s he met his future laser partner Tron, through whom he operated the …

Sven from Somnambul BLN Read More »

Marc Grittke

Head of Music Reporting. Responsible for the music reports (e. g. Television, Video On Demand, Radio, Concerts, Clubs and Cinemas). and for the matching algorithm that automatically matches the music information contained in the reports against the music works and AVs. Music Reports are the basis of royalty distribution to the artists and publishers.

Jack Bridges

Jack Bridges works as a Senior Label Relations Manager at SoundCloud with over 15 years of experience interfacing with artists and labels, Jack is responsible for building and maintaining SoundCloud’s relationships with the global independent community and specializes in Dance and Electronic. Jack serves on the Executive Board for the Association For Electronic Music representing …

Jack Bridges Read More »

From 0 to 1 Million Monthly Listeners with AI

Jacob (rayn), Magnus (BAYUK) and Vincent (Magnolia Park) talk with Simon Hestermann (Co-Founder, Masterchannel) about how they went from zero to established artist profiles with more than one million monthly listeners. They talk about how to produce viral music, how to promote it and how they already use AI tools in their process.

How tech shapes the future of the music industry

This thought-provoking session brings together industry pioneers, tech experts, and creative visionaries to explore the intersection of music and technology and its’ impact on the future of the industry. Our panelists will share their insights, experiences, and predictions, highlighting how technology enables new opportunities for artists, empowers music distribution, facilitates fan engagement, and ultimately shapes …

How tech shapes the future of the music industry Read More »

How can artists use music NFT’s to build active communities

Music NFTs offer artists a unique opportunity to showcase their work in entirely new ways and strengthen direct connections with their fans. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, music NFTs enable ownership rights to digital music assets, which can be traded, sold, and shared within decentralized communities. Bringing together accomplished artists, music producers, and NFT …

How can artists use music NFT’s to build active communities Read More »


Alicea ist eine vielseitige Techno/House DJ, die in München lebt und sich dort als Resident des Harry Klein Clubs innerhalb kürzester Zeit einen Namen gemacht hat. Sie ist dort Bookerin und seit 2022 gefördert durch den Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V. (VPBy) bei BY.on Elektro.

Lukas Hüttis

Lukas Hüttis has successfully managed IT projects for music distributors & led development teams for over 10 years. Since 2018, the musician also runs his own recording studio Strong-Minded Productions. Now he shares his knowledge and experience in the field of NFTs & Web3 as a coach for individuals, musicians and companies and assists them …

Lukas Hüttis Read More »

James Pitt

James has been working with the best artists in the world for 25 years. Six years was spent in-house at Virgin / EMI Records, promoting and A&R’ing the likes of The Chemical Brothers, David Guetta, Massive Attack and Daft Punk before launching Your Army in 2007. With offices in London, LA and Sydney, Your Army …

James Pitt Read More »


Discover how SoundCloud empowers artists, producers and labels to build successful careers on their own terms. Join this masterclass to explore the platform’s latest features, unique fan engagement strategies, and effective marketing techniques. Learn how to strengthen artist-fan relationships, utilize valuable insight tools, boost revenue, and unleash your full potential on SoundCloud.

How to create a safe space

We will discuss how DJ’s maintain their health while touring: strategies for staying well admidts constant travel, changing cities and disrupted sleep patterns.

Mom, i want to be an artist

From the moment we told our parents to today! So many challenges in an artist’s life, let’s talk about it!


Sex Positive inspiration for new cultures! Talking about it with Somnambul, the Sunday party at Kit Kat club!

Vinyl Masterclass with Shaleen

During this masterclass, Shaleen will explore diverse facets of playing records.Participants will have the opportunity to delve into her unique mixing style, while also gaining insights into a plethora of tips and tricks she has acquired through her experience of mixing vinyl only. Shaleen will provide guidance on the art of mixing vinyl itself, as …

Vinyl Masterclass with Shaleen Read More »

Nachwuchsförderung (Invite only / Business Gathering)

Es gibt verschiedenste Institutionen, die Nachwuchsförderung anbieten. In diesem Panel soll beleuchtet werden, wie Sie sich für Acts und Veranstaltende auswirkt und wie Institutionen weiter daran arbeiten, Förderstrukturen auszubauen.Präsentiert von BY.on Elektro, ein Förderprogramm des Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.

Any Mello

The Berlin-Based Brazilian artist inhales and exhales music. Seduced by electronic sounds since her early years, Any decided to take a new step forwards in her career, moving from VJ to DJ and Music Producer. Drawing on her wide experience as a visual artist, creativity and originality have become Any’s core traits in her new …

Any Mello Read More »

Tom Currie

Your Army is a leading global independent music promotions agency with offices in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. Tom most recently served as the head of DJ promotions at Your Army, where he worked with a roster of electronic music artists including Bicep, LF System, CamelPhat, Bonobo, Alan Fitzpatrick, Disclosure, Maya Jane Coles and The …

Tom Currie Read More »


CYNTHESZR is a Texas-based techno producer and DJ who’s influenced by the sounds of early Hard Trance and Hard Techno. Growing up with electronic music for most of her life, she began DJing in 2019 and dove right into producing towards the end of 2021. Her main focus is to blur the lines between the …



DE FEO, born in Naples is an Italian Dj, sound designer and visual artist based in Berlin. With experience with soundtracks, events and media communication in cities like Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Barcelona, Berlin and many more, he is part of a generation of artists who work intensively in the transitional area between music, art and …

DE FEO Read More »

Magnolia Park

Writing/Producing multiple Viral Tracks as part of US Hybrid Rock Band Magnolia Park (1M Monthly Listeners, 700k on TikTok) and signed to Epitaph Records, American / German Producer Vincent Ernst is pioneering new ways of producing vocals in music with AI.

Jesper Skibsby

Jesper Skibsby is the CEO & Founder of WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor). WARM was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 with the vision of building a service, helping the independent music industry and artists, to get and understand their radio airplay data.Today WARM is the only truly global covering radio airplay monitoring service in …

Jesper Skibsby Read More »


Deep House, Minimal House, Tech House: Genres, die den Sound von Leeni ganz gut beschreiben. Und doch bleiben diese Bezeichnungen auf der ständig in Bewegung befindlichen Oberfläche. Darunter, also im Kern, lässt sich das, was Leeni als DJ und Produzentin macht, am besten so beschreiben: Good Vibes. Denn wenn sie im Staub eines sommerlichen Festivalnachmittags …

LEENI Read More »

Aga Heller

Aga Heller is an accomplished radio host and music industry professional with over 20 years of experience. He has hosted various shows on sunshine live, a leading German radio station with a daily listenership of over 1.5 million people. Throughout his career, Aga has held senior positions at top companies in the music business, including …

Aga Heller Read More »

Leander Wierth

// Real Life Cyberpunk Leander Wierth, raised in a unique environment with parents running a alternative nightclub, developed a deep love for music and the club scene.As a DJ and music producer, Leander also explored the world of 3D and virtual reality, eventually studying media design and focusing on virtual reality experience design. With a …

Leander Wierth Read More »

Dennis Denyo Lisk

Dennis aka Denyo is a gold/platinum award winning musician, DJ and entrepreneur. He started his career in 1991 as a founder of german hip hop band “Beginner” (fka “Absolute Beginner”). Dennis helped to shape hip hop music with german lyrics to evolve from a niche subcultural corner and become a relevant and established part of …

Dennis Denyo Lisk Read More »


3xB⋮ND is the intersection of sound, tech and arts, created by digital artist Chris de Sol.A visionary force that combines raving melodies with physical and digital experiences.

Yuri Dokter

Yuri Dokter has worked in music since 1988 ranging from an artist signed by international labels and publishers, Running a Recording Studio, multiple Record Labels and Music Publishing Funds. In 2005, Yuri was the founder of DJ Monitor, which specializes in monitoring live music performances through our own algorithms, database and hardware, effectively pioneering club- …

Yuri Dokter Read More »


Born and raised in South Africa, Camerøn has been indulged into the music industry since 12yrs of age.Camerøn has been formed/created through many musical journeys of his lifetime.There is a deeper meaning to this individual when it comes to connection with music and the hearts that receive this energy.Camerøn is a showcase of where he …

Camerøn Read More »

Freedom & Rave in Cyberspace

While ‘metaverse’ may evoke images of corporate sterility and deserted digital landscapes, there exists a pulsating, animated community dancing every night in the virtual cosmos.This panel delves into the thriving, colorful, and unrestricted virtual landscapes where everyone, regardless of gender, race, or boundaries, can express themselves freely.Drawing parallels with the rebellious spirit of the ’90s …

Freedom & Rave in Cyberspace Read More »


Open roundtable format workshop, where participants can ask questions about everything from promotion, monitoring technology, value of radioplays, tips and tricks on how to work with radio etc. Discussion on radio related challenges and topics, with a mission to find solutions Oskar and Jesper will do a short presentation of each of their services, hereafter …


The Creative Process Behind Drum & Bass

Pythius and Rido explore (and show) the many ways of writing a Drum & Bass track. How sound design heavily affects the song writing process and how to deal and guide that process.

Rising Stars

The beginnings are not easy for anyone but there are people who know very well how to start their musical career. Taking firm steps is very important for every artist and our guests are experts at it. Through their personal experiences our “Rising Stars” will show us the tools to make a successful start.

How to stay relevant in an ever-changing music scene

In an industry that evolves and changes every day, we must all be prepared to stay relevant. With the help of our guests, we will give a series of tips and tricks to make this a reality and make our musical career sustainable over time. Be ready.

Masterclass with Teenage Mutants

If you are still wondering how best to approach your new project in the studio, how to finish your track or maybe you still have some doubts about a certain music theory, our guests Teenage Mutants will guide you through their Masterclass to help you achieve your best result. Dont miss it!!

Balancing Creativity and Well-Being

Exploring the complex relationship between creative expression and mental health in the music industry and addressing the need for an open dialogue to strive for well-being amongst artists and DJ’s.

Booking Agencies

Join an interactive panel discussion on booking agencies with some of the key people in the electronic music scene: Beth Lydi, Darin Epsilon, and Renaud Doye.

Beatport Curator Speeddating

In this panel, our curation team will provide live feedback on tracks submitted by attendees, offering insights into what makes a track stand out and how to increase the chances of being featured. Our team will share tips and best practices for track selection, highlighting key elements such as production quality, genre relevance, and overall …

Beatport Curator Speeddating Read More »

How to break an artist

Artist Mentorship – The Results and learnings! Your Army Promotions chose an artist from last years BDE attendees to mentor – what strategy implemented worked, which didn’t? We talk you through the results and how to apply learnings to you / your artists.

Sven Schäfer

Founder and CEO of the last German speaking monthly print magazine for electronic music and lifestyle

Dayne S

International Touring DJ from 2009-2014, Ghostproducer for many big artists since 2011 until today, Production Coach from 2022. Own releases on labels from Armada, Defected to OFF Rec., Ghostproductions on labels from Atlant, Get Physical, m-nus to Siamese and many more…


Temazcal is the essence of a long journey, the gift of an Aztec that would change her life. Long ago Temazcal discovered her preference for music from the electronic universe, in which she moved for many years. Fascinated by the fact that music is a language that everyone can understand without having to speak, she …

Temazcal Read More »


Tobi and Gregor aka YouNotUs are two Berlin based DJ/producers who achieved their first platinum success in 2015 with „Supergirl“. It was the kick-off to a remarkable career that has made them on of the most relevant German dance acts in recent years, booth commercially and artistically. Tracks such „Narcotic“, „Supergirl“, „Samba“ and „I Swear“ …

YouNotUs Read More »


BAYUK is the solo project of Magnus Hesse, who entered the German music scene with his debut album ‚Rage Tapes’ in 2018 and until now could get over 500k monthly listeners to stream his music on Spotify. BAYUK got signed to the German label Grönland/Monchique in 2021. In collaboration with PaulWetz the both newcomers created …

Bayuk Read More »

Tim Gasseling

Tim Gasseling has been an event organiser and ticketing professional in the industry for more than 15 years. As head of operations he is responsible for supporting and developing See Tickets partners. Back in 2010 Tim championed white label ticketing in the German speaking market through the expansion of the Dutch technology provider Paylogic. Today …

Tim Gasseling Read More »

Trig Fardust

Creating a visual experience for the last 25 years Trig Fardust has presented his visuals at prestigious music and dance events, clubs, festivals, art events, theater and fashion shows all across Germany, his native Switzerland as well as travelling and exploring many exotic destinations such as Russia.Always close to the pulse of the music industry …

Trig Fardust Read More »

Viral Video 101

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of viral videos with our awesome panelists at the Berlin Dance Music Event! We’re bringing together industry pros who know a thing or two about making videos that catch fire and promote your music on the internet. If you’re a producer, artist, label or event organizer looking …

Viral Video 101 Read More »


For Shaleen every day in life is being accomplished by a constant rhythm. Inspired by the warmth of analogue sounds she found herself in playing vinyl only sets most of the time. Her DJ-Sets are pushing forward, mostly 90’s influenced combined with modern and exciting layovers.Shaleen constantly works on improving her production skills and again …

Shaleen Read More »

Isabelle Beese

Isabelle is a passionate music lover who has been working in the electronic music industry for over 12 years. She has dedicated her career to promoting and producing various electronic music events while running her own booking agency for the last eight years. Her love for music extends beyond just event production and artist booking. …

Isabelle Beese Read More »


Rido is a unique music composer and sound engineer from Prague.He was drawn into electronic music after being exposed to the heavy beats of The Prodigy. In 2004 he moved to Sydney to study sound engineering at SAE. After he returned back to Prague, he started to concentrate on making music and mixing full-time. His …

Rido Read More »

Rosaline Yuen

Rosaline Yuen works as a Membership Manager at the Association of Electronic Music (AFEM), a not-for-profit global trade association that aims to connect and represent individuals and companies within the electronic music industry. Rosaline’s love for electronic music has taken her around the world, from Australia to the UK and now Berlin, where she has …

Rosaline Yuen Read More »

Emiko Gejic

Emiko Gejic is a Berlin born artist, activist and founder. She works as a dancer, cultural organizer, urban researcher and consultant in tourism, events and panels, supporting club culture, subcultures, the Berlin art scene, local communities, businesses and cultural projects. She is part of the extended board at Berlin Clubcommission and founder of Berlinsidestories. Her …

Emiko Gejic Read More »


Valerick Lantin-Beaulieu is a Franco Spanish Hardcore Techno Dj and producer, based in Paris. Member of the duo Balagan, active member of the French association who helps the electronic music culture in France, Technopol and co-founder of the new parisian collective, Loud. He’s alongside Tommy Vaudecrane, the other half of balagan, the Hard Techno, Hard …

Balagan Read More »

Tom Peters

Beatport | Dessert | Music, Event & Genre Curator/Manager | DJ & Producer Tom Peters describes his sound as a, “juxtaposition between dreamy melodies and sharp, angular textures.” Together, these elements create a musical journey that is as rare as it is irreplaceable.

Robert Owens

With more than twenty years as a gifted singer, songwriter, producer and DJ under his belt, Robert Owens is very much the most celebrated voice in house music. ‘Tears’, ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ and ‘Ordinary People’ are just some of the tunes that have borne Robert Owens’ black velvet voice and that have gone on …

Robert Owens Read More »


Galestian is an LA-born and Berlin-based electronic music artist, whose releases have been supported by a wide range of international tastemakers including Nora En Pure, Nicole Moudaber, Joris Voorn, Tiësto and many others. He has collaborated with GRAMMY-nominated artists like Paul Oakenfold and Capital Cities’ frontman Sebu, and underground progressive house and melodic techno acts …



BEC is a relentless techno talent who has got to the top in a very short space of time. She was head hunted by Pan Pot for their inuential Second State label from her first release, then snapped up by Carl Cox’s Intec and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. Not only has she put out her music …

BEC Read More »


GMJ – Bio 2022 Meanwhile / Replug / Sudbeat Gavin Griffin, also known as GMJ, has been a prominent figure in underground electronic dance music for over two decades. Forging a successful career as a DJ, event organizer and producer, Gavin is a pioneering force in the Melbourne scene and has performed all over the …

GMJ Read More »

How to approach a remix

In this panel we will dive deep into melodic house & techno production. VONDA7 will open one of her recent Ableton projects and will run you through it. She will explain the way she produces tracks and will talk about how to approach a remix and what original artists or labels could expect from you.


Since the eruption of Pythius into the drum and bass sphere with his Abandon EP on Blackout and performances such as his now legendary breakout decimation of the Blackout label stage at Let It Roll festival, his rise to dizzy heights in the scene’s community of creators has been exemplary. Now, following the release of …

Pythius Read More »

Simon Birkumshaw

Simon Birkumshaw, has worked across many areas of the industry; as a promoter, DJ and producer, as well as a label & project manager, A&R, and in brand development with some of the biggest labels and artists in dance & electronic music. His strong connections with DSPs and to the scene itself have helped develop …

Simon Birkumshaw Read More »


rayn is an Austrian DJ & music producer. Within the first stage of his new artist project, he gained over 1.3 million monthly listeners and over 50M streams on Spotify alone, making him one of the newest, fast rising acts in the chill-house scene since. Attracting the attention of i.a. world leading DJ’s, such as …

rayn Read More »


Attractive and powerful, Lacchesi’s techno is like a seductive, engaging and impatient seduction. His intensive sets are expressed like a couple, between him and the stage, between his determined personality and his decisive assaults, and he strives to build an irresistible, expressive and ephemeral story. Producer and co-founder of Maison Close Records, Lacchesi embodies a …

Lacchesi Read More »

Simon Hestermann

CTO and Co-Founder of Masterchannel. Former Mastering Engineer for artists like SAINT WKND, James Carter, Tyler Ward, LUIS

Lucy Sparks

Infectious is a UK-based marketing agency working with some of the best artists and record labels in the music industry. Founded in 2009, we worked on our first UK #1 album campaign in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. Our founders have a combined 30 years experience in the music industry, a global network of …

Lucy Sparks Read More »


Sam Wolfe, 30, Atlanta based, rising US techno artist signed to 1605. Has a unique sound & energy that has sent him to headline over 36 cities in his short career and continues to receive heavy artist supports on his records.


Cleopard2000 is Dj and Producer who is known for fast, euphoric and emotional Eurodance, Trance and Techno. Inspired by the 2000s, he fuses Pop, RnB and Rap vibes with classic offbeat Trance basses and modern techno drums.

How To Make A Track From A Single Audio Sample Loop

This Masterclass is about how to quickly and efficiently make a track using only the groove and audio informations contained in a single sample loop. And a quick review on how to mix your different elements to give them a better sound in your premaster.

Hayek Masterclass

Take a deep dive into the methods and signature processing of Hayek tracks. Masterclass will be taught on a combo of Bitwig and Ableton.

DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple: Unlock your passive income & playlist potential.

Discover a powerful new strategy to amplify streaming growth and boost your chances of getting featured in official playlists. Join Proton’s CEO and team for an insightful conversation and the unveiling of a groundbreaking new tool that, in early access, helped record labels generate millions of extra streams and tens of thousands more monthly listeners.

Modular Synthesizer Beginner Workshop

Modular synthesizers give users the opportunity to be sound explorers by sending them on a journey of discovery. Jessica Kert presents her approach to modular synthesis. With her guidance, you can learn the basic vocabulary and techniques to start a dialog with these incredible machines. Modular Synthesizers have been experiencing a true renaissance for at …

Modular Synthesizer Beginner Workshop Read More »

What can a music publisher do for electronic artists

Music publishing activities often take place behind the scenes. This panel will examine what music publishers can do for electronic music artists, songwriters and producers. A focus is placed on the live and festival area as well as streaming.

A Bedroom Producer’s Guide to Distortion

This masterclass will cover basic and advanced aspects of audio distortion throughout the production process. I will present and explain techniques and principles of the distortion process and give concrete examples from my own tracks. The goal is to teach an understanding of distortion that enables a creative and effective application in hard dance music.

Arielle Fischer

I’ve been working in the music industry for 14+ years. I’ve worked in music distribution, overseeing the international Dance and Electronic music department for INgrooves, handling relationships with artists, labels and music platforms like Beatport, Apple, and more. After 8 years in this position, I moved to Spotify as the artist and label partnerships manager …

Arielle Fischer Read More »


AA4K is a hardcore music duo and member of Gabber Industries Berlin. After releasing a few hard techno singles they entered the hardcore scene earlier this year with their debut project BARKY, a 40 track album featuring 18 remixes by artists from various musical backgrounds and genres. The past two years they further developed their …

AA4K Read More »

Leonie Gerner

Leonie lebt fast ihr ganzes Leben in Berlin, nach ihrem Linguistik Studium arbeitete sie viele Jahre als Fashion Editor für verschiedene Magazinen in ganz Deutschland. Als freie Redakteurin und Kreativ-Direktorin für verschiedene Kunden aus Kunst, Musik und Fashion, bereiste sie die halbe Welt. Neben ihrer Tätigkeit als kreativer Kopf hinter der Kamera, spielte sich ein …

Leonie Gerner Read More »

Julian Krohn

Julian Krohn created the Feierkultur Podcast together with fellow host Leonie Gerner in 2020, and since has produced over a 100 episode about clubulture and the electronic music scene.He is the founder of Scholz & Friends Sounds – the music department within German advertising agency Scholz &Friends – and consults brands on music supervision, artist …

Julian Krohn Read More »

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle is the MD of ROBA Music Publishing ROBA is one of the leading independent music publishers with a concentration on dance and electronic music. We are best known for our personal service and client-centric approach. We offer label publishing services for the likes of Cocoon (Sven Väth), Kontor, WePlay, Kitball etc. …

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle Read More »


24 y.o. artist from Bordeaux in France who started music production with 10. He expresses different kinds of emotions through rough and melodic patterns. To his eyes it’s all a matter of atmosphere, structure and freedom. Each of his tracks are like a tiny trip, telling stories through smooth transitions and sound design.


Ariana aka Waltur is a gabber kick loving DJ based in Antwerp and manages her own female rave collective ‘Burenhinder’. She champions Burenhinder’s signature hard gabber sound, bringing everything from poppy neo-rave to 90s hardcore classics to even the nastiest terror kicks. picture: by Thomas Ost



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