Sage Beach


A strong roar accompanied by the gentle chirping of crickets.A dark mood paired with the vibrance of a hummingbird.A universe of sounds that provides endless possibilities. The Leipzig based producer Aio loves to experiment with his music while remaining his signature sound. Strong basslines meet elegant melodies linked with dark elements that shake your bones …

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SUZé found her second home in Hamburg’s sound harbor. Prolonged stays abroad in southern France and California significantly influenced the cosmopolitan, warm-hearted artist, in finding her personal sound. To describe her style, you have to look for the “sweet spot” of progressive house and melodic techno. SUZé’s sets have depth and take the audience on …

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The German born and Hamburg based artist Tommahawk is a true nighthawk of the techno scene. Her artist name is a combination of her birth name ‘Tomma’ and her nickname ‘Hawk’, which for her the love and freedom of techno symbolized and her also allows to be herself.Her energetic sets are always telling a story …

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Yetti Meissner

Born and raised in Berlin, Yetti Meissner’s rapid rise within the world of techno has been one with great intensity. As a touring DJ she has paved her way with a relentless work ethic dedicated to bringing powerful techno sounds to worldwide audiences. Her upbringing in Berlin gave her the grit and purity necessary for …

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Leon Licht

Working as a discjockey since 2007, Leon Licht has become an all-round DJ and a chameleon of sorts. Being knee deep into Berlin’s pulsating nightlife and his full dedication to the craft have cemented his way to the top. Growing a dedicated following and earning a reputation of delivering energetic vibes. First and foremost stands …

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dig dis! Industry Mixer

We are excited to invite you to the dig dis! Industry Mixer during the Berlin Dance Music Event at SAGE Berlin on Saturday, May 27th from 5-8 PM. This event is the perfect opportunity to meet our dig dis! team and to network with industry professionals. Enjoy limited free drinks and mingle with like-minded individuals …

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Temazcal is the essence of a long journey, the gift of an Aztec that would change her life. Long ago Temazcal discovered her preference for music from the electronic universe, in which she moved for many years. Fascinated by the fact that music is a language that everyone can understand without having to speak, she …

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Heerhorst/ FUKKK OFFF

HEERHORST: The techno wizard who can do it all. HEERHORST is a producer and DJ who has been making waves in the electronic music scene for over a decade. He started producing electronic music in the mid-90s and has been pushing the boundaries of the genre ever since. He is an expert in going from …

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Get ready to dance the day away at the one and only SAGE BEACH! The stunning venue, overlooking the river and surrounded by nature, creates the perfect place for our event. So, grab your friends and get ready to experience the ultimate open air party in the heart of Berlin!



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