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Marc Grittke

Head of Music Reporting. Responsible for the music reports (e. g. Television, Video On Demand, Radio, Concerts, Clubs and Cinemas). and for the matching algorithm that automatically matches the music information contained in the reports against the music works and AVs. Music Reports are the basis of royalty distribution to the artists and publishers.

Jack Bridges

Jack Bridges works as a Senior Label Relations Manager at SoundCloud with over 15 years of experience interfacing with artists and labels, Jack is responsible for building and maintaining SoundCloud’s relationships with the global independent community and specializes in Dance and Electronic. Jack serves on the Executive Board for the Association For Electronic Music representing …

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How tech shapes the future of the music industry

This thought-provoking session brings together industry pioneers, tech experts, and creative visionaries to explore the intersection of music and technology and its’ impact on the future of the industry. Our panelists will share their insights, experiences, and predictions, highlighting how technology enables new opportunities for artists, empowers music distribution, facilitates fan engagement, and ultimately shapes …

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James Pitt

James has been working with the best artists in the world for 25 years. Six years was spent in-house at Virgin / EMI Records, promoting and A&R’ing the likes of The Chemical Brothers, David Guetta, Massive Attack and Daft Punk before launching Your Army in 2007. With offices in London, LA and Sydney, Your Army …

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Discover how SoundCloud empowers artists, producers and labels to build successful careers on their own terms. Join this masterclass to explore the platform’s latest features, unique fan engagement strategies, and effective marketing techniques. Learn how to strengthen artist-fan relationships, utilize valuable insight tools, boost revenue, and unleash your full potential on SoundCloud.

Tom Currie

Your Army is a leading global independent music promotions agency with offices in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. Tom most recently served as the head of DJ promotions at Your Army, where he worked with a roster of electronic music artists including Bicep, LF System, CamelPhat, Bonobo, Alan Fitzpatrick, Disclosure, Maya Jane Coles and The …

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Aga Heller

Aga Heller is an accomplished radio host and music industry professional with over 20 years of experience. He has hosted various shows on sunshine live, a leading German radio station with a daily listenership of over 1.5 million people. Throughout his career, Aga has held senior positions at top companies in the music business, including …

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Dennis Denyo Lisk

Dennis aka Denyo is a gold/platinum award winning musician, DJ and entrepreneur. He started his career in 1991 as a founder of german hip hop band “Beginner” (fka “Absolute Beginner”). Dennis helped to shape hip hop music with german lyrics to evolve from a niche subcultural corner and become a relevant and established part of …

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Born and raised in South Africa, Camerøn has been indulged into the music industry since 12yrs of age.Camerøn has been formed/created through many musical journeys of his lifetime.There is a deeper meaning to this individual when it comes to connection with music and the hearts that receive this energy.Camerøn is a showcase of where he …

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Booking Agencies

Join an interactive panel discussion on booking agencies with some of the key people in the electronic music scene: Beth Lydi, Darin Epsilon, and Renaud Doye.

How to break an artist

Artist Mentorship – The Results and learnings! Your Army Promotions chose an artist from last years BDE attendees to mentor – what strategy implemented worked, which didn’t? We talk you through the results and how to apply learnings to you / your artists.

Trig Fardust

Creating a visual experience for the last 25 years Trig Fardust has presented his visuals at prestigious music and dance events, clubs, festivals, art events, theater and fashion shows all across Germany, his native Switzerland as well as travelling and exploring many exotic destinations such as Russia.Always close to the pulse of the music industry …

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Viral Video 101

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of viral videos with our awesome panelists at the Berlin Dance Music Event! We’re bringing together industry pros who know a thing or two about making videos that catch fire and promote your music on the internet. If you’re a producer, artist, label or event organizer looking …

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Isabelle Beese

Isabelle is a passionate music lover who has been working in the electronic music industry for over 12 years. She has dedicated her career to promoting and producing various electronic music events while running her own booking agency for the last eight years. Her love for music extends beyond just event production and artist booking. …

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Emiko Gejic

Emiko Gejic is a Berlin born artist, activist and founder. She works as a dancer, cultural organizer, urban researcher and consultant in tourism, events and panels, supporting club culture, subcultures, the Berlin art scene, local communities, businesses and cultural projects. She is part of the extended board at Berlin Clubcommission and founder of Berlinsidestories. Her …

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Valerick Lantin-Beaulieu is a Franco Spanish Hardcore Techno Dj and producer, based in Paris. Member of the duo Balagan, active member of the French association who helps the electronic music culture in France, Technopol and co-founder of the new parisian collective, Loud. He’s alongside Tommy Vaudecrane, the other half of balagan, the Hard Techno, Hard …

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What can a music publisher do for electronic artists

Music publishing activities often take place behind the scenes. This panel will examine what music publishers can do for electronic music artists, songwriters and producers. A focus is placed on the live and festival area as well as streaming.

Arielle Fischer

I’ve been working in the music industry for 14+ years. I’ve worked in music distribution, overseeing the international Dance and Electronic music department for INgrooves, handling relationships with artists, labels and music platforms like Beatport, Apple, and more. After 8 years in this position, I moved to Spotify as the artist and label partnerships manager …

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Julian Krohn

Julian Krohn created the Feierkultur Podcast together with fellow host Leonie Gerner in 2020, and since has produced over a 100 episode about clubulture and the electronic music scene.He is the founder of Scholz & Friends Sounds – the music department within German advertising agency Scholz &Friends – and consults brands on music supervision, artist …

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Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle is the MD of ROBA Music Publishing ROBA is one of the leading independent music publishers with a concentration on dance and electronic music. We are best known for our personal service and client-centric approach. We offer label publishing services for the likes of Cocoon (Sven Väth), Kontor, WePlay, Kitball etc. …

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Unlock the value of radio

Work smarter with radio, and learn how to extract the value of radio This panel is exploring and discussing the opportunities of radio from the perspective of a radio plugger, record label, management, artist and curator. We live in a world dominated by streaming, but research suggests that radio is still the biggest media for …

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Jens Kindermann

Abteilungsleiter Produkte, GEMA Berlin. Seit 1996 in der GEMA. Verantwortlich für die Dokumentation von Filmen, Serien, Soundfiles, Monitoring und Herstellungsrechten. Studierter Diplom Bibliothekar.

Guillaume Despin

Entrepreneur, Product Manager & Executive Producer in the Music Tech industry.


Lead Creator Relations at Germany’s largest donation platform I accompany Influencers, Artists, Gamers and people with a community to easily set up a fundraiser for topics and organisations that are important to them. Taking risk out of donations and bringing more transparency in.

Albert Gruber BDME

Albert Gruber

Albert is a 20+ years music industry professional, artist, producer and DJ.Co-Founder of seeqnc and partner at Riverside Studios.

Workshop: GEMA Basics & Insights

The Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) is a global authors’ society for works of music. In Germany, it administers the rights of use arising from the copyright of more than 80,000 members as well as of almost two million rights holders from all over the …

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Giana Brotherz BDME

Giana Brotherz

Frank Hahn worked for many years as a manager for well-known companies in the music industry. During this time, he also established the largest blog for DJ technology in the German-speaking world: His love for art, music and technology led him in 2021 to found the metaverse developer studio RAVE. SPACE is based in …

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Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita BDME

Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita

Gabriel Padrevita, born in the 1990s, is an Italian Techno music producer/ DJ based in Germany. His music production has many influences from the 80s/90s, but with the addition of modern elements such as distorted, industrial and energetic sounds.

Intaktogene BDME


Intakto…. What? “Entaktogen”, touching what’s within – music with melodies that touch the heart and a bassline finding it’s way right into your bones. Berlin based DJ and producer Intaktogene plays and produces Progressive House. Having a musical background she records some of her instruments herself and also provides the vocals on some of her …

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Darin Epsilon Berlin Dance Music Event BDME

Darin Epsilon

Internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, radio host, and label owner Darin Epsilon is often referred to as a pioneer of Melodic House & Techno and Progressive House. His Perspectives radio show and podcast reaches tens of thousands of listeners every month.He launched his Perspectives Digital record label in November 2010 as an extension of the brand, …

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