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Desiree Warren

Desiree is a versatile music industry professional with expertise in experiential production, brand partnerships, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Since the start of her career at Beatport in 2019, she has taken on various roles and embarked on an international adventure, relocating from the US to the vibrant city of Berlin. In her current …

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French-Malagasy electronic music artist and Queer activist, Ræza has become a part of this scene from 2018, by having made his debut on the Austrian field & Co-founding his own collective « Klangangriff ».Music is for him a powerful vector of feelings. It has a real power to share with others. It generates a feeling …

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From 0 to 1 Million Monthly Listeners with AI

Jacob (rayn), Magnus (BAYUK) and Vincent (Magnolia Park) talk with Simon Hestermann (Co-Founder, Masterchannel) about how they went from zero to established artist profiles with more than one million monthly listeners. They talk about how to produce viral music, how to promote it and how they already use AI tools in their process.

Vinyl Masterclass with Shaleen

During this masterclass, Shaleen will explore diverse facets of playing records.Participants will have the opportunity to delve into her unique mixing style, while also gaining insights into a plethora of tips and tricks she has acquired through her experience of mixing vinyl only. Shaleen will provide guidance on the art of mixing vinyl itself, as …

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The Creative Process Behind Drum & Bass

Pythius and Rido explore (and show) the many ways of writing a Drum & Bass track. How sound design heavily affects the song writing process and how to deal and guide that process.


BAYUK is the solo project of Magnus Hesse, who entered the German music scene with his debut album ‚Rage Tapes’ in 2018 and until now could get over 500k monthly listeners to stream his music on Spotify. BAYUK got signed to the German label Grönland/Monchique in 2021. In collaboration with PaulWetz the both newcomers created …

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BEC is a relentless techno talent who has got to the top in a very short space of time. She was head hunted by Pan Pot for their inuential Second State label from her first release, then snapped up by Carl Cox’s Intec and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. Not only has she put out her music …

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How to approach a remix

In this panel we will dive deep into melodic house & techno production. VONDA7 will open one of her recent Ableton projects and will run you through it. She will explain the way she produces tracks and will talk about how to approach a remix and what original artists or labels could expect from you.

Modular Synthesizer Beginner Workshop

Modular synthesizers give users the opportunity to be sound explorers by sending them on a journey of discovery. Jessica Kert presents her approach to modular synthesis. With her guidance, you can learn the basic vocabulary and techniques to start a dialog with these incredible machines. Modular Synthesizers have been experiencing a true renaissance for at …

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Leonie Gerner

Leonie lebt fast ihr ganzes Leben in Berlin, nach ihrem Linguistik Studium arbeitete sie viele Jahre als Fashion Editor für verschiedene Magazinen in ganz Deutschland. Als freie Redakteurin und Kreativ-Direktorin für verschiedene Kunden aus Kunst, Musik und Fashion, bereiste sie die halbe Welt. Neben ihrer Tätigkeit als kreativer Kopf hinter der Kamera, spielte sich ein …

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Jil Tanner BDME 2023

Jil Tanner

Jil Tanner is DJ, producer, singer and label owner. The german-born is based in Berlin / Leipzig and known for her vibing techno and tech house sound, that still keep true to her roots with that underground feel. Jil ́s productions have found their own identity with her unique and trippy vocals entwined into her …

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AGENT PROVOCATEUR is a DJ, passionate vinyl digger and promoter @offense.district.rec (pls tag in Insta) from Ukraine for 5 years. She used to live in Chicago due war her country, now she is in Berlin.Anna (her real name) was a resident of queer party, took part on different festivals and events and had an experience …


Aexhy BDME


aexhy has been a long time in the scene as a dj which motivated him to push further and start his career as a producer. In his Productions and in his sets you can clearly notice what aexhy is made of. Playfully guiding you through all styles which inspire him, aexhy pushes his boundaries and …

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Steve Williams aka drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of @berlinmodularsociety and is curator of @sustain.berlin. drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno. drusnoise also releases and performs live techno and experimental sound …

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Mastering an Electronic Music Track

– Mastering process of an EDM track in Steinberg Cubase– How do I create competitive and market-standard loudness in mastering?– Useful tools and their use– Workflows using analyzer tools– Problems with streaming services: guidelines and recommendations vs. best practice– Communication with the customer



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