Ôneyra is a rising Irish Dj & Producer.Currently Berlin-based she is quickly building a reputation for herself as she cuts through the underground scene with high energy and emotion which is finely attuned for dancefloor consumption. Her sets push to tell a story through dark rhythm, texture, and driving soundscapes. Throughout the years, Ôneyra has …

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Alicea ist eine vielseitige Techno/House DJ, die in München lebt und sich dort als Resident des Harry Klein Clubs innerhalb kürzester Zeit einen Namen gemacht hat. Sie ist dort Bookerin und seit 2022 gefördert durch den Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V. (VPBy) bei BY.on Elektro.


CYNTHESZR is a Texas-based techno producer and DJ who’s influenced by the sounds of early Hard Trance and Hard Techno. Growing up with electronic music for most of her life, she began DJing in 2019 and dove right into producing towards the end of 2021. Her main focus is to blur the lines between the …


DJ Traytex

Surfing the tip of a wave crashing through techno, DJ Traytex is on a mission to bring together adventurous trance with ambient soundscapes and vocals in his sound. Cerebral and emotive as it is atmospheric and danceable, his music is just much for the person sitting on the train imagining themselves in the movie of …

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EARGASM GOD is a unique artist in today’s landscape. Unbound by the usual codes and restrictions of the scene, his “strip club music” is a pure catharsis.

Konrad Kanton

Konrad Kanton is a talented DJ and Producer from Poland who currently resides in Germany. Although he started his musical journey playing guitar in several rock and metal bands, his focus gradually shifted to electronic music. His music is a unique blend of powerful, fast-paced beats and melodic elements that make it stand out in …

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Foxy L

Foxy L is a Berlin based music & dance lover her whole life who inspires audiences with her passion for music. She is known for her melodic sets that range from euphoric moments to raw and intense beats. From Progressive Trance to Hard Techno, All Time Favorites over Hardbass and Nightcore she really digs deeper …

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We feel delighted to welcome you to a night bursting with a Trance, Breaks and Techno infused line up. Join us on a seductive journey, where possibilities are endless and desires are met.Hosting two floors for a total of 12h and Monday being a holiday, playfulness is guaranteed. DRESS CODE It is important to note …

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Polyamor pres. Dallaniel, Cleopard2000, Disguised, Veronique

A night of unconditional love and tasteless with attitude.Our sexy DJs spin the hottest tracks somewhere between trance, hard techno and groove. Spiked with juicy y2k edits which will drop every Strassstein on the floor. Be careful tramp stamps can appear. POLYAMOR – where love knows no boundaries. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination or …

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Virtual meets Reality

Without any budget, we face the challenge of merging a physical venue with a virtual club. Embracing a punk-revolution ethos, SAE studio will transform into a liminal space, a bridge between realities, driven by the heart and private investments of our community.This won’t be a sleek, corporate show; expect an authentic, improvised tech rave. We’ll …

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“PRADA2000” is a DJ and Producer based in Berlin, Germany.After starting to DJ in 2018 his wishes to go more in depth with his music took shape in form of his first productions in 2020. He played his Berlin debut in 2022 and recently became resident at Gotec Club in his hometown Karlsruhe.His sound is …

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Flava is a 21-year-old violinist and techno DJ based in Potsdam. She has been playing the violin since she was 6 years old and has been part of an orchestra, playing in competitions. Despite her classical training, she has been inspired by techno since she was a child, with The Prodigy being a major influence …

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