berlin dance music event

Only four weeks to go!

Are you ready for clubbing, conferences and networking? The hot phase has started and the open points are getting fewer. The good news is that we can already realize a kind of club-hopping event this year, cooperating with some clubs in Berlin…


It’s time for new momentum in the electronic music scene. Things have changed, but the people behind the curtains are the same as always, if not, they have become even more so. But how do you bring new momentum and new ideas to such a long-lived scene?

Big building and stairs


In September 2016, the SAE Institute Berlin moved into a new campus directly on the Spree near the Oberbaum Bridge. On 2000 m², the new campus in the Cuvryspeicher offers students a large, open-plan learning area with workstations for all departments…

Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios is a unique collective of renowned artists and professionals located in Berlin’s Media Spree, right by the water, neighboring most of the industry’s leaders. Conceived by its three founding members: Martin Eyerer, Tassilo Ippenberger and Jad Souaid…

Berlin Dance Music Event 2021 announcement

The Berlin Dance Music Event 2021

The goal of the Dance Music Event Berlin (Berlin DME) is to create a multi-day gathering for the electronic music industry. With the Gathering Event, an educational and influential platform is created, in which the new generation of artists and professionals of electronic music, can be inspired and work on their personal development.