Dive into Insight 2023

BDME23 isn’t just an event; it’s a gateway to the future of electronic music. Get ready to explore the uncharted territories of beats, rhythms, and industry trends. Our inaugural panels brought together some of the brightest minds and visionaries in the business to share their invaluable insights.

The First Panels

DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple: Unlock Your Passive Income & Playlist Potential with Proton Radio

Join us on a sonic adventure as we dive into the world of DJ mixes. Discover how these musical journeys aren’t just about tunes; they’re also about unlocking new streams of passive income and playlist potential. Our panelists will guide you through the art and science of crafting mixes that resonate with listeners.

Social Media Changed the Industry with YouNotUs, Katrin Fuhrmann (DJ Mag Germany), Pascale Voltaire, ISEK

The music landscape has been transformed, and it’s all thanks to the digital revolution. Explore how social media has redefined the music industry. Uncover the strategies and tactics that artists and labels are using to engage with their fans, harness trends, and make their mark in the digital age.

Rising Stars Panel with LOVRA, AMRTÜM & Jengi

The future of electronic music is in the hands of these emerging talents. This panel shines a spotlight on the rising stars of the industry. Dive into their stories, their journeys, and their sounds that are set to define the next era of beats. Keep an ear out for these names; you’ll be dancing to their tunes in no time.

Defected Talk with Wez Saunders

Get ready for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the giants of the industry. BDME23’s Defected Talk brings you face-to-face with the legends. Discover their secrets, their groundbreaking strategies, and their visionary insights into the world of electronic music. This is where the past meets the future.

NEWS 2024


the berlin dance music event 2024 awaits you on the 22. - 26. May.