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Growing up in the Rhein-Main area and now residing in Berlin, LAENDER co-founded DTECT-Records and is following his passion producing hard techno and DJing since late 2016. His sound can be described as hard, groovy, trancy and sometimes experimental.


ZOEVITA is a young DJ, which has been making a name for herselfin the flourishing Berlin hard techno scene. With herwell established feel for a consistant rave sound and frequentgigs at well known clubs such as Club OST and Mensch Meier she’s drawnattention from many sides. Her attraction to hard rave sounds mixed with influences …

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Louis Harshman

Louis Harshman is a young and aspiring DJ and producer from Berlin. Hedeveloped a taste for electronic music from an early age and has convincedmany in Berlin and beyond that there is much more to come from him. Withmany interesting projects – such as the label DTECT-Records which hefounded with a good friend – his …

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Brutal screeching noise meets a hyperactive and nostalgia-driven techno spirit, always paired with raving old-school energy in a deeply futuristic style. 2 hearts from one of a kind came together ​​under the flag of Kø:lab to manifest their endless passion for straight, ruthless kicks, distorted vocals, rattling break beats and euphoric, deeply rave inspired atmospheres. …

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French DJ and producer ROÜGE explores dark and gloomy atmospheres moving through energetic tracks, with punk electronic vibes and driving basslines. Her EBM/techno infused productions project you into an alternative universe filled with her own metal touch. In her work, you can also find menacing synths, sometimes sublimated by dramatic breaks, metal guitar riffs or …

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Dominique Lamee

Her home: the Haus 33Her speciality: hard, fast, dirty Techno.Dominique Lamee is known within her sets and productions for a very dirty, fast, hard and intense gripping sound.The dramaturgy in their sets lives from the variety of their selection of energy-filled acid interludes, eccentric vocal parts, dark and rave synths. Influenced by Techno, Gabber and …

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Part Time Killer

The Part Time Killer project is all about conflicting emotions, an inevitable oscillation between the desired self and the shadow within. Part Time Killer’s tracks are either nightmarishly dark or touchingly beautiful, thus manifesting his artistic split personality. He’s also a resident of Berlin-based label and crew [Selected], involved in the management and works as …

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San Regret

San Regret is a berlin-based producer ready to keep you on the floor forhours and hours. Nothing is sacred when he is found behind turntables and decidesto showcase his taste but fast paced grooves, hypnotic soundscapes and tight drumsare definitely his signature style. Various releases over the past years have raisedthe attention and brought first …

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24 y.o. artist from Bordeaux in France who started music production with 10. He expresses different kinds of emotions through rough and melodic patterns. To his eyes it’s all a matter of atmosphere, structure and freedom. Each of his tracks are like a tiny trip, telling stories through smooth transitions and sound design.


Vaya has always been a music lover, but his journey started with 15when he explored the first time djing for himself. One year later hestarted to produce electronic music and he was slowly finding his wayinto the techno scene.His sound now defines melancholic melodies which are underlined byheavy techno beats. His aim is always trying …

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Balkhausens live sets are characterized by heavy synth sounds,hypnotic sequences, and driving beats, supported by dark, melodicsoundscapes, and banging acid lines that create an energizing andcaptivating experience for his audiences. His passion for exploring newsonic territories and expressing his creativity knows no bounds.


Born and raised in Berlin, Pakko discovered this passion for Hardtechno pretty early. He is an upcoming producer and found his 2nd home in the Berlin Techno scene, especially with his residencys at fhainest, DTECT and Symbiotikka.Dark, driving bass. Dreamy trancy melodies. Always hard and forward.

Berlin Finest x BDE

Berlin Finest will be providing a special lineup for the second anniversary in collaboration with the Berlin Dance Event Festival to ensure an unforgettable experience for our ever-growing community and everyone who wants to join us on this ride.

Perspectives Digital BDME Showcase

Darin Epsilon invites an all-star lineup for Perspectives Digital’s debut at Berlin Dance Music Event! Experience a unique blend of Melodic Techno, Indie Dance, Progressive House, and Deep House by highly accomplished artists from the label roster.

fhainest dtect

Welcome to fhainest-DTECTYou can expect mind blowing dj and live sets, ranging from industrial rave Techno, all the way to gabber and hard core influenced sound. There will be plenty of chill spaces and our shop, stocked with merch and rave necessities, just in case you forgot to bring something. Important: We will have an …

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Pascale Voltaire

It all started in 2002 when Pascale was only 10 years old. The other kids would still try and fail at singing along with Las Ketchup’s “Ketchup Song”, while Pascale already developed a taste for electronic music. DJ Tomcraft’s banging “Loneliness” EP was the record that set fire to Pascale’s passion for electronic music – …

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Sylvie Maziarz

Most people are one thing. A producer, a DJ, a promoter, a label owner, a networker, anactivist, a community inspirer. Sylvie Maziarz is one of those rare artists than combine itall. It all started from discovering producing and DJing as a pastime during vacation. Shegradually perfected her blend of high-octane rave tempos, monotonous drones and …

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Nick Moody

Enter the realm of mind-altering dancefloor ceremonies with Nick Moody. Intentional, energetic, and grounded – these are the characteristics that have been shaping Nick Moody since he first stepped into the DJ booth at the age of 11. As the kid that he was, he played at Thunderdome Radio for an audience of 30,000 people …

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Being one of the leading female figures of the new generation of Spanish DJs, NHYMPH knows how to make people dance. She is inspired by dark hypnotic techno, industrial, Hard techno and Schranz sounds. Her roots are strongly connected with dancing, which played a key role in her passion for techno. Born in Vic and …

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KØDAK is a Catalan dj and producer based in Barcelona, starting his musical career in the early age of 14. His sessions are focused on showing his hardest and instrospective side introducing accelerated rhythms and powerful bass to spread the maximum Rave energy on the dancefloor. A combination of styles in the underground line with …

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The young up-and-coming artist STGR has already proved himself with performances in Berlin, Graz, Stuttgart, Switzerland and Constance. With releases on labels such as Katana Records, Unity-Paris, NewKidsRecords and his performances in Berlin, he is slowly but surely on the radar of Berlin’s techno scene. With his fast and rhythmic sound, STGR creates a dancefloor …

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LEE found his love for the darker side of techno early on, while playing his first big club shows in his hometown of Hamburg, Germany. This early success led to more bookings throughout some of Germany’s most renown clubs such as Sisyphos Berlin or Südpol in his hometown. His never ending drive to lean into …

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Apart from her role as Industry Relations Chief at Dance TV, Karina Chaczbabian, artist name: Karina, is a DJ, producer, and an avid vinyl collector. She is the curator of the Dance TV Soundcloud DJ Mix series and an active video publisher of Dance TV content. Influenced by her international upbringing in Egypt, Poland, and …

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Guillaume Despin

Entrepreneur, Product Manager & Executive Producer in the Music Tech industry.


PETDuo is the ultimate Hard Techno sensation that has taken the electronic music scene by storm. Anne Gelfei and David Elie Merlino, the dynamic duo behind the two-piece DJ outfit, are partners in crime and happily married, creating a unique chemistry that has helped pioneer the genre and establish a twenty-five-year legacy of excellence.

Jengi BDME 2023


Dutch DJ and producer Jengi has steadily built an image as one of dance music’s most high potential new up-and-comers. In 2022, Jengi officially established himself on a global scale with the immensely infectious Bel Mercy. Initially picked up by Diplo through his Mad Decent imprint, footage of the head honcho playing the track soon …

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Jil Tanner BDME 2023

Jil Tanner

Jil Tanner is DJ, producer, singer and label owner. The german-born is based in Berlin / Leipzig and known for her vibing techno and tech house sound, that still keep true to her roots with that underground feel. Jil ́s productions have found their own identity with her unique and trippy vocals entwined into her …

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AM.I at the BDME 2023 (Berlin Dance Music Event)


AM.I stands for unapologetically losing yourself in that moment where music explodes into an array of colour and feel. Whilst writing and composing her own typical melodic sound, AM.I enters a world that is entirely her own. And by slowly conquering the Belgian nightlife and beyond, she allows everybody who’s looking for a magical night …

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LOVRA at the BDME 2023 (Berlin Dance Music Event)


LOVRA is as unique as her hometown Berlin. Just like the city, the DJ and producer is well known for her unique energy and vibe. She loves to combine her passion for music from the 90s and 00s with modern melodies, danceable house beats, striking vocals, grooving and rolling basslines. LOVRA’S unique sound was her …

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Lead Creator Relations at Germany’s largest donation platform betterplace.org. I accompany Influencers, Artists, Gamers and people with a community to easily set up a fundraiser for topics and organisations that are important to them. Taking risk out of donations and bringing more transparency in.

Songstats BDME 2023

Oskar Eichler

Songstats is a cross-platform music data analytics app for artists, record labels and industry professionals, that provides actionable insights across the most important streaming services and download stores.

wanton berlin dance music event


Robin Van Genechten, aka Wanton, is a DJ, producer, mastering engineer, sound designer, booker, and educator based in Ghent, Belgium. Robin is mostly active as an engineer and producer in the underground industrial techno scene, where the focus is on hard-hitting kicks, nasty textures, and a pinch of distorted synths. Next to causing havoc, he …

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denise schneider - Berlin Dance Music Event 2023

Denise Schneider

Denise Schneider deliberately decided against an artist name, because she is what she is – authentic, pure, real! Denise Schneider discovered her love for electronic music through her work in the nightlife. By mentoring the artists, her curiosity about the big picture was aroused. When the desire to be a DJ grew stronger, her husband, …

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Miss Monique

Today, miss monique is among the world’s fastest-rising progressive house djs, and probably the genre’s most recognized female dj in europe. Unlike many other popular djs today who made their name producing rather than mixing, she rose to fame by bringing the old school back with her unprecedented conversion of classic radio mixes into youtube …

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Uniting the worlds of contemporary folk, nineties techno and goldenera power ambient, CAIVA’s strain of techno is different; a shining example of how far the genre can be stretched into something that captures the imaginations of the experimental and the hearts of the purists.



Katrin Fuhrmann BDME

Katrin Fuhrmann

Artist Management & Consulting | Public Relations & Journalism | Project Management After so many years in different companies and with so many jobs, I decided to start my own business in July 2022. With my own agency, which I started in January 2022, I will do the same as before, but now self-employed. With …

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Albert Gruber BDME

Albert Gruber

Albert is a 20+ years music industry professional, artist, producer and DJ.Co-Founder of seeqnc and partner at Riverside Studios.

Josta BDME


Josta is a 20 year veteran of the electronic music scene in Mexico. He is a resident DJ at one of Mexico’s (and the world’s) most renowned clubs: HARDPOP, as well as heading up the Artist Relation department for the club. He has been a Proton Radio show host for over 15 years and is …

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Aexhy BDME


aexhy has been a long time in the scene as a dj which motivated him to push further and start his career as a producer. In his Productions and in his sets you can clearly notice what aexhy is made of. Playfully guiding you through all styles which inspire him, aexhy pushes his boundaries and …

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Gitzwart is a gabber producer/performer from Brussels Belgium.Her live performances are easily described as unrelenting gabber with a lot of influences from the hardtek/hardcore music-scene she grew up with. Since she is playing live she only plays her own produced songs with a little wink to the 90’s gabber. After playing gigs in venues like …

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Dario Klein BDME

Dario Klein

Dario Klein is on a journey through the world of music. He plays many instruments from guitar to synthesizer and percussion to electronic instruments and has a wide repertoire of musical skills to offer. In his sound you can find the broad concept of boundless worlds of sound, the mix of acoustic and electronic elements …

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To speak about Mikel (Crusy) is to mention one of Spain’s more influential artists of recent years. The Madrid based artist started his journey back in 20011, mixing his first records and exploring his own production with his best friend at only 15 years old, even at that your age he was already captivated by …

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Trancemaster Krause BDME

Trancemaster Krause

Trancemaster Krause is a 25y old DJ from Halle (Saale) with a passion for fastpaced trance influenced music.He started making music not so long ago & is already playing all around Europe.It’s all about the vibe.

Intaktogene BDME


Intakto…. What? “Entaktogen”, touching what’s within – music with melodies that touch the heart and a bassline finding it’s way right into your bones. Berlin based DJ and producer Intaktogene plays and produces Progressive House. Having a musical background she records some of her instruments herself and also provides the vocals on some of her …

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Tom Pooks BDME

Tom Pooks

Born in Montpellier, Tom Pooks started his musical trip in the middle of the 90’s, based in South of France. From raves to festivals and clubs residencies, he became an important local figure, in the region of Montpellier, one of the biggest electronic cities in France. When the DJ started being curious about production, it’s …

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Micki Meuser BDME

Micki Meuser

Micki Meuser is a film composer and music producer in Berlin, Germany.Meuser wrote the music for numerous movies, including international feature films with Daniel Craig (Obsession), Kirstin Dunst, Lynn Redgrave (Deeply), for US – Canadian TV series (MythQuest), and many TV movies and TV series in Germany.Before starting his career as a film composer Meuser …

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Steve Williams aka drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of @berlinmodularsociety and is curator of @sustain.berlin. drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno. drusnoise also releases and performs live techno and experimental sound …

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Martin Königsmann BDME

Martin Königsmann

Martin Königsmann ist bereits seit mehr als 20-Jahren in der Entertainement- und Veranstaltungsbranche aktiv.Als Mitbegründer der Agentur MGNFY, ist er mit seinem Partner Marco Völkel u.a. für die Durchführung des Sunset Beach Festivals und des Farbenwald Festivals verantwortlich, hat eine Ticket-Marketing Abteilung „in house“ mit über 75 Kunden, betreibt eine eigene Booking Agentur (mit über …

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Herman Verkade BDME 2023

Herman Verkade

Berlin’s one and only dance-specialist music publisher, focussing exclusively on the global needs of Berlin’s techno and house community



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