Circus Bizarre meets DME

Tanzt die Nächte durch auf dem Vulkan, schrill, schnell, radikal, exzessiv, exaltiert und verrucht. Exzentrische Nachtschattengewächse bevölkern als Phantasmagorien das bizarre Amüsement, die Lost Generation pendelt zwischen Lebenshunger und Optimismus. Das trotzige Credo der Bohème Sauvage: “Jetzt erst recht.” Die neue Freiheit sie ist so bunt und laut, als wüsste sie, dass ihr Kerkermeister im …

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Svenja has been working for GEMA since august 2022. Her responsibilities include supporting internal and external communications on the topic of distribution. She studied philosophy and political science.


During her journey as an artist TIKØA became an important part of Codec 992. In collaboration with artists like Buried Secrets, Henning Baer, Illnurse, Inhalt der Nacht, Matrixxman, Radio Slave and Stanislav Tolkachev, the first releases were created on the label. Numerous support has been provided over the years by artists such as Adam Beyer, …

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After collecting first DJ experiences at Bollwerk in her hometown Lübeck, she soon got involved with her crew ‚Harmonie im Bassgewitter‘ and played her first official gigs. Her sound describes her feeling to the music, in the meantime she found what she loves and created an unique vibe with her mesmerizing rhythm, driving spheres combined …

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With rolling rhythms being at the core of his ever-evolving sound, Berlin based DJ and artist Aseptic creates a sweaty and vibrating atmosphere with a sound that stands for itself. His signature sound, characterized by the blend of old-school and new-school techno, enriched with influences of cold wave, breakbeat and electro, creates a sweaty and …

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Italian born & Berlin based DJ/ producer TEØH is inspired by the old school techno sound of the ’90s and the raw industrial sound of today, he is merging these sounds into his DJsets and productions.During his sets TEØH charms techno heads with his uncompromising hard sound. With his passionate love for music, he takes …

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Eclectic Elektra and Evert

It’s time to get frisch-pikant. Both hailing from sunny Brabant in the Netherlands, Berlin-based Eclectic Elektra and Evert are here to serve you saucy tunes. Expect various shades of house music, electro, acid, and 90s trance during this long overdue back-to-back world premiere.


A strong roar accompanied by the gentle chirping of crickets.A dark mood paired with the vibrance of a hummingbird.A universe of sounds that provides endless possibilities. The Leipzig based producer Aio loves to experiment with his music while remaining his signature sound. Strong basslines meet elegant melodies linked with dark elements that shake your bones …

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Ôneyra is a rising Irish Dj & Producer.Currently Berlin-based she is quickly building a reputation for herself as she cuts through the underground scene with high energy and emotion which is finely attuned for dancefloor consumption. Her sets push to tell a story through dark rhythm, texture, and driving soundscapes. Throughout the years, Ôneyra has …

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SUZé found her second home in Hamburg’s sound harbor. Prolonged stays abroad in southern France and California significantly influenced the cosmopolitan, warm-hearted artist, in finding her personal sound. To describe her style, you have to look for the “sweet spot” of progressive house and melodic techno. SUZé’s sets have depth and take the audience on …

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Urban Nights

A night of classic sounds between Deep-House, Afro rhythms and Disco for the Mitte49 opening weekend


Two days opening with interviews, limited splatter vinyl releases, and a demo pool for our label!

Any Mello

The Berlin-Based Brazilian artist inhales and exhales music. Seduced by electronic sounds since her early years, Any decided to take a new step forwards in her career, moving from VJ to DJ and Music Producer. Drawing on her wide experience as a visual artist, creativity and originality have become Any’s core traits in her new …

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DJ Traytex

Surfing the tip of a wave crashing through techno, DJ Traytex is on a mission to bring together adventurous trance with ambient soundscapes and vocals in his sound. Cerebral and emotive as it is atmospheric and danceable, his music is just much for the person sitting on the train imagining themselves in the movie of …

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EARGASM GOD is a unique artist in today’s landscape. Unbound by the usual codes and restrictions of the scene, his “strip club music” is a pure catharsis.

Konrad Kanton

Konrad Kanton is a talented DJ and Producer from Poland who currently resides in Germany. Although he started his musical journey playing guitar in several rock and metal bands, his focus gradually shifted to electronic music. His music is a unique blend of powerful, fast-paced beats and melodic elements that make it stand out in …

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Foxy L

Foxy L is a Berlin based music & dance lover her whole life who inspires audiences with her passion for music. She is known for her melodic sets that range from euphoric moments to raw and intense beats. From Progressive Trance to Hard Techno, All Time Favorites over Hardbass and Nightcore she really digs deeper …

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The German born and Hamburg based artist Tommahawk is a true nighthawk of the techno scene. Her artist name is a combination of her birth name ‘Tomma’ and her nickname ‘Hawk’, which for her the love and freedom of techno symbolized and her also allows to be herself.Her energetic sets are always telling a story …

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Rolf Ring

Started producing&djing about 8 years ago. Focus is on Minimal Techno. Music is the place I find my freedom.

Yetti Meissner

Born and raised in Berlin, Yetti Meissner’s rapid rise within the world of techno has been one with great intensity. As a touring DJ she has paved her way with a relentless work ethic dedicated to bringing powerful techno sounds to worldwide audiences. Her upbringing in Berlin gave her the grit and purity necessary for …

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Leon Licht

Working as a discjockey since 2007, Leon Licht has become an all-round DJ and a chameleon of sorts. Being knee deep into Berlin’s pulsating nightlife and his full dedication to the craft have cemented his way to the top. Growing a dedicated following and earning a reputation of delivering energetic vibes. First and foremost stands …

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We feel delighted to welcome you to a night bursting with a Trance, Breaks and Techno infused line up. Join us on a seductive journey, where possibilities are endless and desires are met.Hosting two floors for a total of 12h and Monday being a holiday, playfulness is guaranteed. DRESS CODE It is important to note …

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Love On Time Open Air

Operator pres. Love On Time Open Air Don’t be late for a very important date! Racism, sexism or any form of discrimination aren’t welcome and won’t be accepted. We’re excited to see you soon!

Polyamor pres. Dallaniel, Cleopard2000, Disguised, Veronique

A night of unconditional love and tasteless with attitude.Our sexy DJs spin the hottest tracks somewhere between trance, hard techno and groove. Spiked with juicy y2k edits which will drop every Strassstein on the floor. Be careful tramp stamps can appear. POLYAMOR – where love knows no boundaries. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination or …

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Virtual meets Reality

Without any budget, we face the challenge of merging a physical venue with a virtual club. Embracing a punk-revolution ethos, SAE studio will transform into a liminal space, a bridge between realities, driven by the heart and private investments of our community.This won’t be a sleek, corporate show; expect an authentic, improvised tech rave. We’ll …

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dig dis! Industry Mixer

We are excited to invite you to the dig dis! Industry Mixer during the Berlin Dance Music Event at SAGE Berlin on Saturday, May 27th from 5-8 PM. This event is the perfect opportunity to meet our dig dis! team and to network with industry professionals. Enjoy limited free drinks and mingle with like-minded individuals …

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Proton Social

We are very fröhlich to announce our second Proton Social at this year’s edition of the Berlin Dance Music Event! Join us for a casual evening of drinks, pizza and conversation in a private area at Birgit, the beer garden in the very heart of Berlin’s most colorful quarter. If you are a label manager, …

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SCHERING started to play the drums from a young age. Unlike many kids, he stuck with the drums and played in various bands. Playing on samba parades, the experience of many people partying to the same music and feeling the same beat started to fascinate him. What also attracted his fascination early on were the …

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RobertS RBS

RobertS (RBS) career began at the age of 18 after experiencing his first rave at the iconic Vechtsebanen in Utrecht. After being inspired by the energy and excitement of this Rave he immediately started exploring the world of DJing. He started creating mixtapes from his bedroom and after that he began playing at weddings and …

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Heerhorst/ FUKKK OFFF

HEERHORST: The techno wizard who can do it all. HEERHORST is a producer and DJ who has been making waves in the electronic music scene for over a decade. He started producing electronic music in the mid-90s and has been pushing the boundaries of the genre ever since. He is an expert in going from …

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“PRADA2000” is a DJ and Producer based in Berlin, Germany.After starting to DJ in 2018 his wishes to go more in depth with his music took shape in form of his first productions in 2020. He played his Berlin debut in 2022 and recently became resident at Gotec Club in his hometown Karlsruhe.His sound is …

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Dennis Beutler

Long before his decision to pursue a career as a DJ and producer, Berlin-based Dennis Beutler has been participating in the electronic music scene for years. As a self-taught artist behind the decks and in the studio, he quickly made his name in the local club scene. As a result, Dennis has been booked by …

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BIIA is a Portugal based artist, who tells stories through techno, sometimes markedly energetic, sometimes harsh and mental with abstract compositions, conquering the dance floors with her techno selection and charismatic energy. She found electronic music when she visited her cousin’s music store at the age of 14, driven by an emotional curiosity that is …

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Daniela Hensel

Daniela Hensel is an electronic techno producer and DJ from the outskirts of Berlin.At an early age she discovered her passion for music, when she first encountered somebody virtuously playing the violin. This first touch point with the musical realm sparked the light of musical creativity, which became the blazing flame we know today.As Daniela …

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Flava is a 21-year-old violinist and techno DJ based in Potsdam. She has been playing the violin since she was 6 years old and has been part of an orchestra, playing in competitions. Despite her classical training, she has been inspired by techno since she was a child, with The Prodigy being a major influence …

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Yousawlaurent is a 20-year-old DJ hailing from the sunny South of Germany. As a child, Yousawlaurent had a pas-sion for playing the piano, which eventually led him to ex-plore the world of electronic music. With a strong desire to create his own sound, Yousawlaurent attended his first illegal outdoor rave in Switzerland at the tender …

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Luis aka SIUL is a 27 year old vinyl & digital DJ and producer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.From the age of 16, SIUL began listening to Schranz and hard techno, and on his 18th birthday, attended his first techno party. This was a major life-changing event for him, where he became enlightened by …

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Get ready to dance the day away at the one and only SAGE BEACH! The stunning venue, overlooking the river and surrounded by nature, creates the perfect place for our event. So, grab your friends and get ready to experience the ultimate open air party in the heart of Berlin!


DJ Kenny from Berlin has lived and breathed music from a very young age. At only 24 years old, he’s starting to get booked in Berlin’s most acclaimed night clubs and has already hosted many private parties in this celebrated city. Influenced by his surroundings and brought up by a single mother who frequented the …

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Ephy Pinkman

Waddup this is Ephy Pinkman! i’m made of titanium implants, lots O’ colors and ADHD, oh and i wear pink and do DJ and producing and and and …

Dominik Pazzer

The journey from the Berlin based DJ with electronic music starts some years ago. Dominik’s sound changed in the last years and he became more and more energetic and his sets became more and more euphoric. Dominik takes his crowd on a journey through industrial techno, hard techno paired with hard acid lines. This trip …

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FRANCK is here for a gid time, no a long time. Club goers have said that his sets are hotter than a Greggs Steak Bake just out the oven and his tunes are harder than Blighty’s Boozers.


Rido is a unique music composer and sound engineer from Prague.He was drawn into electronic music after being exposed to the heavy beats of The Prodigy. In 2004 he moved to Sydney to study sound engineering at SAE. After he returned back to Prague, he started to concentrate on making music and mixing full-time. His …

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Galestian is an LA-born and Berlin-based electronic music artist, whose releases have been supported by a wide range of international tastemakers including Nora En Pure, Nicole Moudaber, Joris Voorn, Tiësto and many others. He has collaborated with GRAMMY-nominated artists like Paul Oakenfold and Capital Cities’ frontman Sebu, and underground progressive house and melodic techno acts …



Part of the Exil Paris collective, Felicie is one of the most promising djs and producers in the hot Parisian rave scene. From high tempo grooves to fast paced sounds, Felicie developed her own style always focusing on giving the crowd an uncompromising and energetic set, expanding her high-intensity signature sound and mantra as « …

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GMJ – Bio 2022 Meanwhile / Replug / Sudbeat Gavin Griffin, also known as GMJ, has been a prominent figure in underground electronic dance music for over two decades. Forging a successful career as a DJ, event organizer and producer, Gavin is a pioneering force in the Melbourne scene and has performed all over the …

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Since the eruption of Pythius into the drum and bass sphere with his Abandon EP on Blackout and performances such as his now legendary breakout decimation of the Blackout label stage at Let It Roll festival, his rise to dizzy heights in the scene’s community of creators has been exemplary. Now, following the release of …

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Vince Versa

Vince Versa is a rising german-based Tech-House/Techno DJ and producer. His musical journey began many years ago in his parents’ basement where he decided to produce his own music. With his first release on “We Are Freaks Records” he eventually committed to dive deeper into the scene and defined his unique sound. While locked away …

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Simon Birkumshaw

Simon Birkumshaw, has worked across many areas of the industry; as a promoter, DJ and producer, as well as a label & project manager, A&R, and in brand development with some of the biggest labels and artists in dance & electronic music. His strong connections with DSPs and to the scene itself have helped develop …

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DJ and producer from the Netherlands, known for his intense sets comprised of high tempo, creative and heavy energetic sounds, always filled with surprises along the way.


Like an endless rolling drum machine the sets are powerful and energetic. The characteristic sound is hypnotic, deep driving with a mental dark sound.


Attractive and powerful, Lacchesi’s techno is like a seductive, engaging and impatient seduction. His intensive sets are expressed like a couple, between him and the stage, between his determined personality and his decisive assaults, and he strives to build an irresistible, expressive and ephemeral story. Producer and co-founder of Maison Close Records, Lacchesi embodies a …

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Kos:mo is a DJ, Producer & Audio Educator from Cologne.


Techmo was born and raised in Berlin and is a 25 year old DJ and Producer. He started DJing 6 years ago. His first gigs were at Open Airs from friends until he got his first gig at Void Club. Up from then the gigs came in fast as he played several times at Void, …

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Sam Wolfe, 30, Atlanta based, rising US techno artist signed to 1605. Has a unique sound & energy that has sent him to headline over 36 cities in his short career and continues to receive heavy artist supports on his records.


Epicx is Dj / Producer , orginally from syria ,he found he’s passion in many genre like Peak Time Techno /Hard Techno / PsyTrance/Future Techno / Minimal deep techno. His style of driving beats & Melodical is more about dark and power and Orentalic vocals. Epicx has been played in many notable clubs & Big …

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Audio State

Romanian-born DJ and producer Audio State is proving to be an intrinsic name within the next generation of rising techno stars, with a rich catalogue of high-impact records to his name. Having only been active on the circuit for a few years, the burgeoning talent has already graced some of the most influential labels in …

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Fab Massimo

A breath of fresh air coming to break out the commercial funk that’s currently swarming the tech-house scene comes in the form of Fab Massimo. Long gone are the days of repetitive and predictable music of the genre, and in comes a fresh, dark, and seductive sound.


Inspired by the western rave culture and the 2000s hip-hop scene all together combined with his middle eastern heritage, Finiq was able to set foot in the electronic music scene with his unique melodic/groovy Tech House sound and his exotic DJ sets.After releasing many original tracks and remixes over the last couple of years that …

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Cleopard2000 is Dj and Producer who is known for fast, euphoric and emotional Eurodance, Trance and Techno. Inspired by the 2000s, he fuses Pop, RnB and Rap vibes with classic offbeat Trance basses and modern techno drums.



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