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“PRADA2000” is a DJ and Producer based in Berlin, Germany.After starting to DJ in 2018 his wishes to go more in depth with his music took shape in form of his first productions in 2020. He played his Berlin debut in 2022 and recently became resident at Gotec Club in his hometown Karlsruhe.His sound is …

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BIIA is a Portugal based artist, who tells stories through techno, sometimes markedly energetic, sometimes harsh and mental with abstract compositions, conquering the dance floors with her techno selection and charismatic energy. She found electronic music when she visited her cousin’s music store at the age of 14, driven by an emotional curiosity that is …

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Daniela Hensel

Daniela Hensel is an electronic techno producer and DJ from the outskirts of Berlin.At an early age she discovered her passion for music, when she first encountered somebody virtuously playing the violin. This first touch point with the musical realm sparked the light of musical creativity, which became the blazing flame we know today.As Daniela …

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Flava is a 21-year-old violinist and techno DJ based in Potsdam. She has been playing the violin since she was 6 years old and has been part of an orchestra, playing in competitions. Despite her classical training, she has been inspired by techno since she was a child, with The Prodigy being a major influence …

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Yousawlaurent is a 20-year-old DJ hailing from the sunny South of Germany. As a child, Yousawlaurent had a pas-sion for playing the piano, which eventually led him to ex-plore the world of electronic music. With a strong desire to create his own sound, Yousawlaurent attended his first illegal outdoor rave in Switzerland at the tender …

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