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CYNTHESZR is a Texas-based techno producer and DJ who’s influenced by the sounds of early Hard Trance and Hard Techno. Growing up with electronic music for most of her life, she began DJing in 2019 and dove right into producing towards the end of 2021. Her main focus is to blur the lines between the …


Leander Wierth

// Real Life Cyberpunk Leander Wierth, raised in a unique environment with parents running a alternative nightclub, developed a deep love for music and the club scene.As a DJ and music producer, Leander also explored the world of 3D and virtual reality, eventually studying media design and focusing on virtual reality experience design. With a …

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Freedom & Rave in Cyberspace

While ‘metaverse’ may evoke images of corporate sterility and deserted digital landscapes, there exists a pulsating, animated community dancing every night in the virtual cosmos.This panel delves into the thriving, colorful, and unrestricted virtual landscapes where everyone, regardless of gender, race, or boundaries, can express themselves freely.Drawing parallels with the rebellious spirit of the ’90s …

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Hayek Masterclass

Take a deep dive into the methods and signature processing of Hayek tracks. Masterclass will be taught on a combo of Bitwig and Ableton.

A Bedroom Producer’s Guide to Distortion

This masterclass will cover basic and advanced aspects of audio distortion throughout the production process. I will present and explain techniques and principles of the distortion process and give concrete examples from my own tracks. The goal is to teach an understanding of distortion that enables a creative and effective application in hard dance music.


AA4K is a hardcore music duo and member of Gabber Industries Berlin. After releasing a few hard techno singles they entered the hardcore scene earlier this year with their debut project BARKY, a 40 track album featuring 18 remixes by artists from various musical backgrounds and genres. The past two years they further developed their …

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Ariana aka Waltur is a gabber kick loving DJ based in Antwerp and manages her own female rave collective ‘Burenhinder’. She champions Burenhinder’s signature hard gabber sound, bringing everything from poppy neo-rave to 90s hardcore classics to even the nastiest terror kicks. picture: by Thomas Ost

Industrial Techno production W/ Bitwig

Industrial Techno production within Bitwig. Mainly showcasing the DAW’s incredible sound design and editing options to create interesting textures, percussion, and synths.

Høbie BDME


Høbie is a Dutch DJ/producer with a strong passion for distortion and basslines. He discovered hard dance music in the early 2000s, and has been devoted to it ever since. As Høbie got older, he figured out there was nothing he wanted more than making music, So he started producing his own tracks. Being heavily …

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Hayek BDME


Hayek is a Belgium-based producer and DJ, born and raised in Egypt. Despite his young age, he is one of Egypt’s pioneers when it comes to hard-techno and hardcore.


Gitzwart is a gabber producer/performer from Brussels Belgium.Her live performances are easily described as unrelenting gabber with a lot of influences from the hardtek/hardcore music-scene she grew up with. Since she is playing live she only plays her own produced songs with a little wink to the 90’s gabber. After playing gigs in venues like …

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FLUCC is an upcoming artist from Berlin. His music polarizes and plays with emotion – industrial hardcore and intricate synthscapes come together for a powerful sound. In his sets, he explores the boundaries of hard dance music and pushes energy to the limit.



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