Ritter Butzke - Ritter Stage

How to create a safe space

We will discuss how DJ’s maintain their health while touring: strategies for staying well admidts constant travel, changing cities and disrupted sleep patterns.

Rising Stars

The beginnings are not easy for anyone but there are people who know very well how to start their musical career. Taking firm steps is very important for every artist and our guests are experts at it. Through their personal experiences our “Rising Stars” will show us the tools to make a successful start.

How to stay relevant in an ever-changing music scene

In an industry that evolves and changes every day, we must all be prepared to stay relevant. With the help of our guests, we will give a series of tips and tricks to make this a reality and make our musical career sustainable over time. Be ready.

Masterclass with Teenage Mutants

If you are still wondering how best to approach your new project in the studio, how to finish your track or maybe you still have some doubts about a certain music theory, our guests Teenage Mutants will guide you through their Masterclass to help you achieve your best result. Dont miss it!!

Balancing Creativity and Well-Being

Exploring the complex relationship between creative expression and mental health in the music industry and addressing the need for an open dialogue to strive for well-being amongst artists and DJ’s.

Tim Gasseling

Tim Gasseling has been an event organiser and ticketing professional in the industry for more than 15 years. As head of operations he is responsible for supporting and developing See Tickets partners. Back in 2010 Tim championed white label ticketing in the German speaking market through the expansion of the Dutch technology provider Paylogic. Today …

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Attractive and powerful, Lacchesi’s techno is like a seductive, engaging and impatient seduction. His intensive sets are expressed like a couple, between him and the stage, between his determined personality and his decisive assaults, and he strives to build an irresistible, expressive and ephemeral story. Producer and co-founder of Maison Close Records, Lacchesi embodies a …

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How To Make A Track From A Single Audio Sample Loop

This Masterclass is about how to quickly and efficiently make a track using only the groove and audio informations contained in a single sample loop. And a quick review on how to mix your different elements to give them a better sound in your premaster.

DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple: Unlock your passive income & playlist potential.

Discover a powerful new strategy to amplify streaming growth and boost your chances of getting featured in official playlists. Join Proton’s CEO and team for an insightful conversation and the unveiling of a groundbreaking new tool that, in early access, helped record labels generate millions of extra streams and tens of thousands more monthly listeners.

Ticket-Marketing: How to sell tickets online (fast)

Martin Königsmann (Co-Founder & CEO) und Jan Gasber (Head of Marketing) von MGNFY sprechen mit Tim Gasseling von See Tickets (Head of Product and Client Success Management) über das Thema Ticket-Marketing. Dabei wird sowohl aus der Sicht von Veranstalter, Marketeer und Ticketanbieter beleuchtet, wie sich Veranstalter aller Art heute richtig aufstellen sollten, um langfristig erfolgreich …

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Jengi BDME 2023


Dutch DJ and producer Jengi has steadily built an image as one of dance music’s most high potential new up-and-comers. In 2022, Jengi officially established himself on a global scale with the immensely infectious Bel Mercy. Initially picked up by Diplo through his Mad Decent imprint, footage of the head honcho playing the track soon …

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Freedom B at the Berlin dance music event 2023


Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin. Many speak about Madrid. Many say that he’s been his club at the DJ table but we really don’t know and it doesn’t’ matter. Everything’s in the music, in the rhythm and overall, in the freedom of the beat. In the …

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AM.I at the BDME 2023 (Berlin Dance Music Event)


AM.I stands for unapologetically losing yourself in that moment where music explodes into an array of colour and feel. Whilst writing and composing her own typical melodic sound, AM.I enters a world that is entirely her own. And by slowly conquering the Belgian nightlife and beyond, she allows everybody who’s looking for a magical night …

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denise schneider - Berlin Dance Music Event 2023

Denise Schneider

Denise Schneider deliberately decided against an artist name, because she is what she is – authentic, pure, real! Denise Schneider discovered her love for electronic music through her work in the nightlife. By mentoring the artists, her curiosity about the big picture was aroused. When the desire to be a DJ grew stronger, her husband, …

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Uniting the worlds of contemporary folk, nineties techno and goldenera power ambient, CAIVA’s strain of techno is different; a shining example of how far the genre can be stretched into something that captures the imaginations of the experimental and the hearts of the purists.

Tomorrowland Berlin Dance Music Event (BDME 2023)

Michel Van Buyten

Michel Van Buyten is Music Manager at Tomorrowland and Head of Tomorrowland Music

Tomorrowland – Building a local festival into an international entertainment brand

Tomorrowland evolved from a local Belgian festival to a global entertainment brand. Through thoughtful strategies and meticulous execution Tomorrowland built out a worldwide following to which it is dedicated to deliver the best possible experiences, artists and music. Michel will give some historic background, an overview of the current structure and activities, and a look …

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Katrin Fuhrmann BDME

Katrin Fuhrmann

Artist Management & Consulting | Public Relations & Journalism | Project Management After so many years in different companies and with so many jobs, I decided to start my own business in July 2022. With my own agency, which I started in January 2022, I will do the same as before, but now self-employed. With …

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DJ Fuckoff BDME

DJ Fuckoff

The New Zealand-born DJ, Producer and MC has come a long way since arriving in Berlin early 2019. From smashing warehouse raves, turning streams into fully-fledged dance-off’s or casually mashing-up renowned dance floors, Fuckoff’s relentless positive energy and refreshingly nonchalant style have earned her a serious hype and a loyal following. While being thoroughly informed …

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Mental Health

This panel will address mental health and the impact of media on careers.


Let’s go Berlin Dance Music Event 2023. We are really happy to welcome you to our 4th edition of the event here in Berlin.

Gernot Müller BDME

Gernot Müller

Gernot Müller is the founder and director of Voltage Circus, the music marketing & management agency for artists like Magdalena, Rodriguez Jr., Human Rias and many more.Before launching Voltage Circus in 2019, Gernot worked for Armada Music / Armin van Buuren and co-founded the YouTube channel DanceTV (formerly DanceTrippin TV).

Jason Wohlstadter BDME

Jason Wohlstadter

Jason is a passionate lover of electronic music who has grown Proton from a non-profit radio station into a platform that powers over 2K independent electronic music labels. As a DJ and label owner himself, the vision has always been simple: build a sustainable business that supports the music he loves.

Defected Talk

Defected Records talk with CEO Wez Saunders. Marian to add any additional information.



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