Rolf Ring

Started producing&djing about 8 years ago. Focus is on Minimal Techno. Music is the place I find my freedom.


Luis aka SIUL is a 27 year old vinyl & digital DJ and producer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.From the age of 16, SIUL began listening to Schranz and hard techno, and on his 18th birthday, attended his first techno party. This was a major life-changing event for him, where he became enlightened by …

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Sylvie Maziarz

Most people are one thing. A producer, a DJ, a promoter, a label owner, a networker, anactivist, a community inspirer. Sylvie Maziarz is one of those rare artists than combine itall. It all started from discovering producing and DJing as a pastime during vacation. Shegradually perfected her blend of high-octane rave tempos, monotonous drones and …

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Being one of the leading female figures of the new generation of Spanish DJs, NHYMPH knows how to make people dance. She is inspired by dark hypnotic techno, industrial, Hard techno and Schranz sounds. Her roots are strongly connected with dancing, which played a key role in her passion for techno. Born in Vic and …

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KØDAK is a Catalan dj and producer based in Barcelona, starting his musical career in the early age of 14. His sessions are focused on showing his hardest and instrospective side introducing accelerated rhythms and powerful bass to spread the maximum Rave energy on the dancefloor. A combination of styles in the underground line with …

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The young up-and-coming artist STGR has already proved himself with performances in Berlin, Graz, Stuttgart, Switzerland and Constance. With releases on labels such as Katana Records, Unity-Paris, NewKidsRecords and his performances in Berlin, he is slowly but surely on the radar of Berlin’s techno scene. With his fast and rhythmic sound, STGR creates a dancefloor …

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LEE found his love for the darker side of techno early on, while playing his first big club shows in his hometown of Hamburg, Germany. This early success led to more bookings throughout some of Germany’s most renown clubs such as Sisyphos Berlin or Südpol in his hometown. His never ending drive to lean into …

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