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Driving, hard beats interwoven with trancy melodies – her tracks are catchy as well as unconventional. In Xynia’s DJ sets she creates a pulsating union of early Hardstyle classics and modern productions. An invitation to forget yourself in the moment, to follow the stomp of your feet. Without compromise, she takes dancers on a journey. …

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Growing up in the Rhein-Main area and now residing in Berlin, LAENDER co-founded DTECT-Records and is following his passion producing hard techno and DJing since late 2016. His sound can be described as hard, groovy, trancy and sometimes experimental.


ZOEVITA is a young DJ, which has been making a name for herselfin the flourishing Berlin hard techno scene. With herwell established feel for a consistant rave sound and frequentgigs at well known clubs such as Club OST and Mensch Meier she’s drawnattention from many sides. Her attraction to hard rave sounds mixed with influences …

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Louis Harshman

Louis Harshman is a young and aspiring DJ and producer from Berlin. Hedeveloped a taste for electronic music from an early age and has convincedmany in Berlin and beyond that there is much more to come from him. Withmany interesting projects – such as the label DTECT-Records which hefounded with a good friend – his …

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Brutal screeching noise meets a hyperactive and nostalgia-driven techno spirit, always paired with raving old-school energy in a deeply futuristic style. 2 hearts from one of a kind came together ​​under the flag of Kø:lab to manifest their endless passion for straight, ruthless kicks, distorted vocals, rattling break beats and euphoric, deeply rave inspired atmospheres. …

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French DJ and producer ROÜGE explores dark and gloomy atmospheres moving through energetic tracks, with punk electronic vibes and driving basslines. Her EBM/techno infused productions project you into an alternative universe filled with her own metal touch. In her work, you can also find menacing synths, sometimes sublimated by dramatic breaks, metal guitar riffs or …

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Dominique Lamee

Her home: the Haus 33Her speciality: hard, fast, dirty Techno.Dominique Lamee is known within her sets and productions for a very dirty, fast, hard and intense gripping sound.The dramaturgy in their sets lives from the variety of their selection of energy-filled acid interludes, eccentric vocal parts, dark and rave synths. Influenced by Techno, Gabber and …

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Part Time Killer

The Part Time Killer project is all about conflicting emotions, an inevitable oscillation between the desired self and the shadow within. Part Time Killer’s tracks are either nightmarishly dark or touchingly beautiful, thus manifesting his artistic split personality. He’s also a resident of Berlin-based label and crew [Selected], involved in the management and works as …

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San Regret

San Regret is a berlin-based producer ready to keep you on the floor forhours and hours. Nothing is sacred when he is found behind turntables and decidesto showcase his taste but fast paced grooves, hypnotic soundscapes and tight drumsare definitely his signature style. Various releases over the past years have raisedthe attention and brought first …

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Vaya has always been a music lover, but his journey started with 15when he explored the first time djing for himself. One year later hestarted to produce electronic music and he was slowly finding his wayinto the techno scene.His sound now defines melancholic melodies which are underlined byheavy techno beats. His aim is always trying …

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Balkhausens live sets are characterized by heavy synth sounds,hypnotic sequences, and driving beats, supported by dark, melodicsoundscapes, and banging acid lines that create an energizing andcaptivating experience for his audiences. His passion for exploring newsonic territories and expressing his creativity knows no bounds.


Born and raised in Berlin, Pakko discovered this passion for Hardtechno pretty early. He is an upcoming producer and found his 2nd home in the Berlin Techno scene, especially with his residencys at fhainest, DTECT and Symbiotikka.Dark, driving bass. Dreamy trancy melodies. Always hard and forward.

fhainest dtect

Welcome to fhainest-DTECTYou can expect mind blowing dj and live sets, ranging from industrial rave Techno, all the way to gabber and hard core influenced sound. There will be plenty of chill spaces and our shop, stocked with merch and rave necessities, just in case you forgot to bring something. Important: We will have an …

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