event_day: Saturday

MASTERCLASS: Music Production

In my Masterclass I will talk about how I create my music. I will start my doing a track breakdown. Talking about every element step by step and going deeper into Kick and Melody.then I will talk about Mixing different elements, group compression and stereo field.This will end up in talking about some tricks I …

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MASTERCLASS: Deconstructing tracks

A deep dive with Kø:lab. The duo is going to show you how they have created some pieces of their latest EP. Together with you they will breakdown their tracks to drums, synths and vocals. The guys are welcoming you to ask question and make this masterclass to an interactive course.

GABBER MASTERCLASS: Underground Techno

Back to the basics: Sidechaining in different ways. I will explain what sidechaining is, where it can be used and why, how to build an dynamic eq, and i will have a small look into fabfilter.

MASTERCLASS: Drum Machines and Drumprogramming

How to work with external drum machinesExploring 2 drum machines: Analog Rythm MKII & Tr-8sRecording external drum machines in Ableton properlyThe advantages of using external drum machines over using Ableton Drum Rack and other Software Sampler



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