After collecting first DJ experiences at Bollwerk in her hometown Lübeck, she soon got involved with her crew ‚Harmonie im Bassgewitter‘ and played her first official gigs. Her sound describes her feeling to the music, in the meantime she found what she loves and created an unique vibe with her mesmerizing rhythm, driving spheres combined …

VABU Read More »

Sven from Somnambul BLN

Sven Gohrband was born on August 15, 1972 in the western part of Berlin. In the early 1990s he came into contact with the pioneers of electronic music in the Linientreu disco, where the first techno parties later took place. In the mid-1990s he met his future laser partner Tron, through whom he operated the …

Sven from Somnambul BLN Read More »


A strong roar accompanied by the gentle chirping of crickets.A dark mood paired with the vibrance of a hummingbird.A universe of sounds that provides endless possibilities. The Leipzig based producer Aio loves to experiment with his music while remaining his signature sound. Strong basslines meet elegant melodies linked with dark elements that shake your bones …

Aio Read More »


SUZé found her second home in Hamburg’s sound harbor. Prolonged stays abroad in southern France and California significantly influenced the cosmopolitan, warm-hearted artist, in finding her personal sound. To describe her style, you have to look for the “sweet spot” of progressive house and melodic techno. SUZé’s sets have depth and take the audience on …

SUZé Read More »


CYNTHESZR is a Texas-based techno producer and DJ who’s influenced by the sounds of early Hard Trance and Hard Techno. Growing up with electronic music for most of her life, she began DJing in 2019 and dove right into producing towards the end of 2021. Her main focus is to blur the lines between the …



DE FEO, born in Naples is an Italian Dj, sound designer and visual artist based in Berlin. With experience with soundtracks, events and media communication in cities like Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Barcelona, Berlin and many more, he is part of a generation of artists who work intensively in the transitional area between music, art and …

DE FEO Read More »

Leander Wierth

// Real Life Cyberpunk Leander Wierth, raised in a unique environment with parents running a alternative nightclub, developed a deep love for music and the club scene.As a DJ and music producer, Leander also explored the world of 3D and virtual reality, eventually studying media design and focusing on virtual reality experience design. With a …

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The German born and Hamburg based artist Tommahawk is a true nighthawk of the techno scene. Her artist name is a combination of her birth name ‘Tomma’ and her nickname ‘Hawk’, which for her the love and freedom of techno symbolized and her also allows to be herself.Her energetic sets are always telling a story …

Tommahawk Read More »


BAYUK is the solo project of Magnus Hesse, who entered the German music scene with his debut album ‚Rage Tapes’ in 2018 and until now could get over 500k monthly listeners to stream his music on Spotify. BAYUK got signed to the German label Grönland/Monchique in 2021. In collaboration with PaulWetz the both newcomers created …

Bayuk Read More »

Tim Gasseling

Tim Gasseling has been an event organiser and ticketing professional in the industry for more than 15 years. As head of operations he is responsible for supporting and developing See Tickets partners. Back in 2010 Tim championed white label ticketing in the German speaking market through the expansion of the Dutch technology provider Paylogic. Today …

Tim Gasseling Read More »

Trig Fardust

Creating a visual experience for the last 25 years Trig Fardust has presented his visuals at prestigious music and dance events, clubs, festivals, art events, theater and fashion shows all across Germany, his native Switzerland as well as travelling and exploring many exotic destinations such as Russia.Always close to the pulse of the music industry …

Trig Fardust Read More »

Dominik Pazzer

The journey from the Berlin based DJ with electronic music starts some years ago. Dominik’s sound changed in the last years and he became more and more energetic and his sets became more and more euphoric. Dominik takes his crowd on a journey through industrial techno, hard techno paired with hard acid lines. This trip …

Dominik Pazzer Read More »

Emiko Gejic

Emiko Gejic is a Berlin born artist, activist and founder. She works as a dancer, cultural organizer, urban researcher and consultant in tourism, events and panels, supporting club culture, subcultures, the Berlin art scene, local communities, businesses and cultural projects. She is part of the extended board at Berlin Clubcommission and founder of Berlinsidestories. Her …

Emiko Gejic Read More »


Valerick Lantin-Beaulieu is a Franco Spanish Hardcore Techno Dj and producer, based in Paris. Member of the duo Balagan, active member of the French association who helps the electronic music culture in France, Technopol and co-founder of the new parisian collective, Loud. He’s alongside Tommy Vaudecrane, the other half of balagan, the Hard Techno, Hard …

Balagan Read More »


BEC is a relentless techno talent who has got to the top in a very short space of time. She was head hunted by Pan Pot for their inuential Second State label from her first release, then snapped up by Carl Cox’s Intec and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. Not only has she put out her music …

BEC Read More »

Vince Versa

Vince Versa is a rising german-based Tech-House/Techno DJ and producer. His musical journey began many years ago in his parents’ basement where he decided to produce his own music. With his first release on “We Are Freaks Records” he eventually committed to dive deeper into the scene and defined his unique sound. While locked away …

Vince Versa Read More »


Like an endless rolling drum machine the sets are powerful and energetic. The characteristic sound is hypnotic, deep driving with a mental dark sound.


Attractive and powerful, Lacchesi’s techno is like a seductive, engaging and impatient seduction. His intensive sets are expressed like a couple, between him and the stage, between his determined personality and his decisive assaults, and he strives to build an irresistible, expressive and ephemeral story. Producer and co-founder of Maison Close Records, Lacchesi embodies a …

Lacchesi Read More »


Kos:mo is a DJ, Producer & Audio Educator from Cologne.

Simon Hestermann

CTO and Co-Founder of Masterchannel. Former Mastering Engineer for artists like SAINT WKND, James Carter, Tyler Ward, LUIS

Lucy Sparks

Infectious is a UK-based marketing agency working with some of the best artists and record labels in the music industry. Founded in 2009, we worked on our first UK #1 album campaign in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. Our founders have a combined 30 years experience in the music industry, a global network of …

Lucy Sparks Read More »


Techmo was born and raised in Berlin and is a 25 year old DJ and Producer. He started DJing 6 years ago. His first gigs were at Open Airs from friends until he got his first gig at Void Club. Up from then the gigs came in fast as he played several times at Void, …

Techmo Read More »


Sam Wolfe, 30, Atlanta based, rising US techno artist signed to 1605. Has a unique sound & energy that has sent him to headline over 36 cities in his short career and continues to receive heavy artist supports on his records.


Epicx is Dj / Producer , orginally from syria ,he found he’s passion in many genre like Peak Time Techno /Hard Techno / PsyTrance/Future Techno / Minimal deep techno. His style of driving beats & Melodical is more about dark and power and Orentalic vocals. Epicx has been played in many notable clubs & Big …

Epicx Read More »

Audio State

Romanian-born DJ and producer Audio State is proving to be an intrinsic name within the next generation of rising techno stars, with a rich catalogue of high-impact records to his name. Having only been active on the circuit for a few years, the burgeoning talent has already graced some of the most influential labels in …

Audio State Read More »

Fab Massimo

A breath of fresh air coming to break out the commercial funk that’s currently swarming the tech-house scene comes in the form of Fab Massimo. Long gone are the days of repetitive and predictable music of the genre, and in comes a fresh, dark, and seductive sound.


Inspired by the western rave culture and the 2000s hip-hop scene all together combined with his middle eastern heritage, Finiq was able to set foot in the electronic music scene with his unique melodic/groovy Tech House sound and his exotic DJ sets.After releasing many original tracks and remixes over the last couple of years that …

Finiq Read More »

Arielle Fischer

I’ve been working in the music industry for 14+ years. I’ve worked in music distribution, overseeing the international Dance and Electronic music department for INgrooves, handling relationships with artists, labels and music platforms like Beatport, Apple, and more. After 8 years in this position, I moved to Spotify as the artist and label partnerships manager …

Arielle Fischer Read More »


AA4K is a hardcore music duo and member of Gabber Industries Berlin. After releasing a few hard techno singles they entered the hardcore scene earlier this year with their debut project BARKY, a 40 track album featuring 18 remixes by artists from various musical backgrounds and genres. The past two years they further developed their …

AA4K Read More »


Driving, hard beats interwoven with trancy melodies – her tracks are catchy as well as unconventional. In Xynia’s DJ sets she creates a pulsating union of early Hardstyle classics and modern productions. An invitation to forget yourself in the moment, to follow the stomp of your feet. Without compromise, she takes dancers on a journey. …

Xynia Read More »

Julian Krohn

Julian Krohn created the Feierkultur Podcast together with fellow host Leonie Gerner in 2020, and since has produced over a 100 episode about clubulture and the electronic music scene.He is the founder of Scholz & Friends Sounds – the music department within German advertising agency Scholz &Friends – and consults brands on music supervision, artist …

Julian Krohn Read More »


Growing up in the Rhein-Main area and now residing in Berlin, LAENDER co-founded DTECT-Records and is following his passion producing hard techno and DJing since late 2016. His sound can be described as hard, groovy, trancy and sometimes experimental.


ZOEVITA is a young DJ, which has been making a name for herselfin the flourishing Berlin hard techno scene. With herwell established feel for a consistant rave sound and frequentgigs at well known clubs such as Club OST and Mensch Meier she’s drawnattention from many sides. Her attraction to hard rave sounds mixed with influences …

ZOEVITA Read More »

Louis Harshman

Louis Harshman is a young and aspiring DJ and producer from Berlin. Hedeveloped a taste for electronic music from an early age and has convincedmany in Berlin and beyond that there is much more to come from him. Withmany interesting projects – such as the label DTECT-Records which hefounded with a good friend – his …

Louis Harshman Read More »


Brutal screeching noise meets a hyperactive and nostalgia-driven techno spirit, always paired with raving old-school energy in a deeply futuristic style. 2 hearts from one of a kind came together ​​under the flag of Kø:lab to manifest their endless passion for straight, ruthless kicks, distorted vocals, rattling break beats and euphoric, deeply rave inspired atmospheres. …

Kø:lab Read More »


French DJ and producer ROÜGE explores dark and gloomy atmospheres moving through energetic tracks, with punk electronic vibes and driving basslines. Her EBM/techno infused productions project you into an alternative universe filled with her own metal touch. In her work, you can also find menacing synths, sometimes sublimated by dramatic breaks, metal guitar riffs or …

ROÜGE Read More »

Dominique Lamee

Her home: the Haus 33Her speciality: hard, fast, dirty Techno.Dominique Lamee is known within her sets and productions for a very dirty, fast, hard and intense gripping sound.The dramaturgy in their sets lives from the variety of their selection of energy-filled acid interludes, eccentric vocal parts, dark and rave synths. Influenced by Techno, Gabber and …

Dominique Lamee Read More »

Part Time Killer

The Part Time Killer project is all about conflicting emotions, an inevitable oscillation between the desired self and the shadow within. Part Time Killer’s tracks are either nightmarishly dark or touchingly beautiful, thus manifesting his artistic split personality. He’s also a resident of Berlin-based label and crew [Selected], involved in the management and works as …

Part Time Killer Read More »

San Regret

San Regret is a berlin-based producer ready to keep you on the floor forhours and hours. Nothing is sacred when he is found behind turntables and decidesto showcase his taste but fast paced grooves, hypnotic soundscapes and tight drumsare definitely his signature style. Various releases over the past years have raisedthe attention and brought first …

San Regret Read More »

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle is the MD of ROBA Music Publishing ROBA is one of the leading independent music publishers with a concentration on dance and electronic music. We are best known for our personal service and client-centric approach. We offer label publishing services for the likes of Cocoon (Sven Väth), Kontor, WePlay, Kitball etc. …

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle Read More »


24 y.o. artist from Bordeaux in France who started music production with 10. He expresses different kinds of emotions through rough and melodic patterns. To his eyes it’s all a matter of atmosphere, structure and freedom. Each of his tracks are like a tiny trip, telling stories through smooth transitions and sound design.


Vaya has always been a music lover, but his journey started with 15when he explored the first time djing for himself. One year later hestarted to produce electronic music and he was slowly finding his wayinto the techno scene.His sound now defines melancholic melodies which are underlined byheavy techno beats. His aim is always trying …

Vaya Read More »


Balkhausens live sets are characterized by heavy synth sounds,hypnotic sequences, and driving beats, supported by dark, melodicsoundscapes, and banging acid lines that create an energizing andcaptivating experience for his audiences. His passion for exploring newsonic territories and expressing his creativity knows no bounds.


Born and raised in Berlin, Pakko discovered this passion for Hardtechno pretty early. He is an upcoming producer and found his 2nd home in the Berlin Techno scene, especially with his residencys at fhainest, DTECT and Symbiotikka.Dark, driving bass. Dreamy trancy melodies. Always hard and forward.


Ariana aka Waltur is a gabber kick loving DJ based in Antwerp and manages her own female rave collective ‘Burenhinder’. She champions Burenhinder’s signature hard gabber sound, bringing everything from poppy neo-rave to 90s hardcore classics to even the nastiest terror kicks. picture: by Thomas Ost


PETDuo is the ultimate Hard Techno sensation that has taken the electronic music scene by storm. Anne Gelfei and David Elie Merlino, the dynamic duo behind the two-piece DJ outfit, are partners in crime and happily married, creating a unique chemistry that has helped pioneer the genre and establish a twenty-five-year legacy of excellence.

Freedom B at the Berlin dance music event 2023


Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin. Many speak about Madrid. Many say that he’s been his club at the DJ table but we really don’t know and it doesn’t’ matter. Everything’s in the music, in the rhythm and overall, in the freedom of the beat. In the …

FreedomB Read More »

Jil Tanner BDME 2023

Jil Tanner

Jil Tanner is DJ, producer, singer and label owner. The german-born is based in Berlin / Leipzig and known for her vibing techno and tech house sound, that still keep true to her roots with that underground feel. Jil ́s productions have found their own identity with her unique and trippy vocals entwined into her …

Jil Tanner Read More »


Lead Creator Relations at Germany’s largest donation platform I accompany Influencers, Artists, Gamers and people with a community to easily set up a fundraiser for topics and organisations that are important to them. Taking risk out of donations and bringing more transparency in.



Uniting the worlds of contemporary folk, nineties techno and goldenera power ambient, CAIVA’s strain of techno is different; a shining example of how far the genre can be stretched into something that captures the imaginations of the experimental and the hearts of the purists.



DJ Fuckoff BDME

DJ Fuckoff

The New Zealand-born DJ, Producer and MC has come a long way since arriving in Berlin early 2019. From smashing warehouse raves, turning streams into fully-fledged dance-off’s or casually mashing-up renowned dance floors, Fuckoff’s relentless positive energy and refreshingly nonchalant style have earned her a serious hype and a loyal following. While being thoroughly informed …

DJ Fuckoff Read More »

Albert Gruber BDME

Albert Gruber

Albert is a 20+ years music industry professional, artist, producer and DJ.Co-Founder of seeqnc and partner at Riverside Studios.

Høbie BDME


Høbie is a Dutch DJ/producer with a strong passion for distortion and basslines. He discovered hard dance music in the early 2000s, and has been devoted to it ever since. As Høbie got older, he figured out there was nothing he wanted more than making music, So he started producing his own tracks. Being heavily …

Høbie Read More »


Gitzwart is a gabber producer/performer from Brussels Belgium.Her live performances are easily described as unrelenting gabber with a lot of influences from the hardtek/hardcore music-scene she grew up with. Since she is playing live she only plays her own produced songs with a little wink to the 90’s gabber. After playing gigs in venues like …

Gitzwart Read More »

Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita BDME

Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita

Gabriel Padrevita, born in the 1990s, is an Italian Techno music producer/ DJ based in Germany. His music production has many influences from the 80s/90s, but with the addition of modern elements such as distorted, industrial and energetic sounds.


To speak about Mikel (Crusy) is to mention one of Spain’s more influential artists of recent years. The Madrid based artist started his journey back in 20011, mixing his first records and exploring his own production with his best friend at only 15 years old, even at that your age he was already captivated by …

Crusy Read More »

D.Ramirez BDME


For his entire career, D.Ramirez is a name that has been synonymous with cutting-edge and beautifully produced house music. A true genre pioneer within Tech House, he has written underground anthems and crossover tracks, including the legendary tracks ‘Downpipe’ with Mark Knight, ‘Yeah Yeah’ with Bodyrox and more recently ‘Retreat’ on Crosstown Rebels. As an …

D.Ramirez Read More »

Intaktogene BDME


Intakto…. What? “Entaktogen”, touching what’s within – music with melodies that touch the heart and a bassline finding it’s way right into your bones. Berlin based DJ and producer Intaktogene plays and produces Progressive House. Having a musical background she records some of her instruments herself and also provides the vocals on some of her …

Intaktogene Read More »

Grahame Farmer

Data Transmission Founder, Grahame Farmer has been championed by the likes of IMS, BMC, Music Week. His coaching style network of social media channels, helps up and coming DJs, understand Instagram, Spotify & Soundcloud Growth. As well as how to get music signed and build your brand as DJ or Music Producer, all pulling from …

Grahame Farmer Read More »


Steve Williams aka drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of @berlinmodularsociety and is curator of drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno. drusnoise also releases and performs live techno and experimental sound …

drusnoise Read More »

Gernot Müller BDME

Gernot Müller

Gernot Müller is the founder and director of Voltage Circus, the music marketing & management agency for artists like Magdalena, Rodriguez Jr., Human Rias and many more.Before launching Voltage Circus in 2019, Gernot worked for Armada Music / Armin van Buuren and co-founded the YouTube channel DanceTV (formerly DanceTrippin TV).

Darin Epsilon Berlin Dance Music Event BDME

Darin Epsilon

Internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, radio host, and label owner Darin Epsilon is often referred to as a pioneer of Melodic House & Techno and Progressive House. His Perspectives radio show and podcast reaches tens of thousands of listeners every month.He launched his Perspectives Digital record label in November 2010 as an extension of the brand, …

Darin Epsilon Read More »



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