Desiree Warren

Desiree is a versatile music industry professional with expertise in experiential production, brand partnerships, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Since the start of her career at Beatport in 2019, she has taken on various roles and embarked on an international adventure, relocating from the US to the vibrant city of Berlin. In her current …

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With rolling rhythms being at the core of his ever-evolving sound, Berlin based DJ and artist Aseptic creates a sweaty and vibrating atmosphere with a sound that stands for itself. His signature sound, characterized by the blend of old-school and new-school techno, enriched with influences of cold wave, breakbeat and electro, creates a sweaty and …

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Eclectic Elektra and Evert

It’s time to get frisch-pikant. Both hailing from sunny Brabant in the Netherlands, Berlin-based Eclectic Elektra and Evert are here to serve you saucy tunes. Expect various shades of house music, electro, acid, and 90s trance during this long overdue back-to-back world premiere.

Marc Grittke

Head of Music Reporting. Responsible for the music reports (e. g. Television, Video On Demand, Radio, Concerts, Clubs and Cinemas). and for the matching algorithm that automatically matches the music information contained in the reports against the music works and AVs. Music Reports are the basis of royalty distribution to the artists and publishers.

Jack Bridges

Jack Bridges works as a Senior Label Relations Manager at SoundCloud with over 15 years of experience interfacing with artists and labels, Jack is responsible for building and maintaining SoundCloud’s relationships with the global independent community and specializes in Dance and Electronic. Jack serves on the Executive Board for the Association For Electronic Music representing …

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French-Malagasy electronic music artist and Queer activist, Ræza has become a part of this scene from 2018, by having made his debut on the Austrian field & Co-founding his own collective « Klangangriff ».Music is for him a powerful vector of feelings. It has a real power to share with others. It generates a feeling …

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Alicea ist eine vielseitige Techno/House DJ, die in München lebt und sich dort als Resident des Harry Klein Clubs innerhalb kürzester Zeit einen Namen gemacht hat. Sie ist dort Bookerin und seit 2022 gefördert durch den Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V. (VPBy) bei BY.on Elektro.

James Pitt

James has been working with the best artists in the world for 25 years. Six years was spent in-house at Virgin / EMI Records, promoting and A&R’ing the likes of The Chemical Brothers, David Guetta, Massive Attack and Daft Punk before launching Your Army in 2007. With offices in London, LA and Sydney, Your Army …

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Any Mello

The Berlin-Based Brazilian artist inhales and exhales music. Seduced by electronic sounds since her early years, Any decided to take a new step forwards in her career, moving from VJ to DJ and Music Producer. Drawing on her wide experience as a visual artist, creativity and originality have become Any’s core traits in her new …

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Tom Currie

Your Army is a leading global independent music promotions agency with offices in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. Tom most recently served as the head of DJ promotions at Your Army, where he worked with a roster of electronic music artists including Bicep, LF System, CamelPhat, Bonobo, Alan Fitzpatrick, Disclosure, Maya Jane Coles and The …

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Jesper Skibsby

Jesper Skibsby is the CEO & Founder of WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor). WARM was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 with the vision of building a service, helping the independent music industry and artists, to get and understand their radio airplay data.Today WARM is the only truly global covering radio airplay monitoring service in …

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Aga Heller

Aga Heller is an accomplished radio host and music industry professional with over 20 years of experience. He has hosted various shows on sunshine live, a leading German radio station with a daily listenership of over 1.5 million people. Throughout his career, Aga has held senior positions at top companies in the music business, including …

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Konrad Kanton

Konrad Kanton is a talented DJ and Producer from Poland who currently resides in Germany. Although he started his musical journey playing guitar in several rock and metal bands, his focus gradually shifted to electronic music. His music is a unique blend of powerful, fast-paced beats and melodic elements that make it stand out in …

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Dennis Denyo Lisk

Dennis aka Denyo is a gold/platinum award winning musician, DJ and entrepreneur. He started his career in 1991 as a founder of german hip hop band “Beginner” (fka “Absolute Beginner”). Dennis helped to shape hip hop music with german lyrics to evolve from a niche subcultural corner and become a relevant and established part of …

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Yuri Dokter

Yuri Dokter has worked in music since 1988 ranging from an artist signed by international labels and publishers, Running a Recording Studio, multiple Record Labels and Music Publishing Funds. In 2005, Yuri was the founder of DJ Monitor, which specializes in monitoring live music performances through our own algorithms, database and hardware, effectively pioneering club- …

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Born and raised in South Africa, Camerøn has been indulged into the music industry since 12yrs of age.Camerøn has been formed/created through many musical journeys of his lifetime.There is a deeper meaning to this individual when it comes to connection with music and the hearts that receive this energy.Camerøn is a showcase of where he …

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Rolf Ring

Started producing&djing about 8 years ago. Focus is on Minimal Techno. Music is the place I find my freedom.

Yetti Meissner

Born and raised in Berlin, Yetti Meissner’s rapid rise within the world of techno has been one with great intensity. As a touring DJ she has paved her way with a relentless work ethic dedicated to bringing powerful techno sounds to worldwide audiences. Her upbringing in Berlin gave her the grit and purity necessary for …

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Leon Licht

Working as a discjockey since 2007, Leon Licht has become an all-round DJ and a chameleon of sorts. Being knee deep into Berlin’s pulsating nightlife and his full dedication to the craft have cemented his way to the top. Growing a dedicated following and earning a reputation of delivering energetic vibes. First and foremost stands …

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SCHERING started to play the drums from a young age. Unlike many kids, he stuck with the drums and played in various bands. Playing on samba parades, the experience of many people partying to the same music and feeling the same beat started to fascinate him. What also attracted his fascination early on were the …

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Dayne S

International Touring DJ from 2009-2014, Ghostproducer for many big artists since 2011 until today, Production Coach from 2022. Own releases on labels from Armada, Defected to OFF Rec., Ghostproductions on labels from Atlant, Get Physical, m-nus to Siamese and many more…


Temazcal is the essence of a long journey, the gift of an Aztec that would change her life. Long ago Temazcal discovered her preference for music from the electronic universe, in which she moved for many years. Fascinated by the fact that music is a language that everyone can understand without having to speak, she …

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Heerhorst/ FUKKK OFFF

HEERHORST: The techno wizard who can do it all. HEERHORST is a producer and DJ who has been making waves in the electronic music scene for over a decade. He started producing electronic music in the mid-90s and has been pushing the boundaries of the genre ever since. He is an expert in going from …

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“PRADA2000” is a DJ and Producer based in Berlin, Germany.After starting to DJ in 2018 his wishes to go more in depth with his music took shape in form of his first productions in 2020. He played his Berlin debut in 2022 and recently became resident at Gotec Club in his hometown Karlsruhe.His sound is …

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BIIA is a Portugal based artist, who tells stories through techno, sometimes markedly energetic, sometimes harsh and mental with abstract compositions, conquering the dance floors with her techno selection and charismatic energy. She found electronic music when she visited her cousin’s music store at the age of 14, driven by an emotional curiosity that is …

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Daniela Hensel

Daniela Hensel is an electronic techno producer and DJ from the outskirts of Berlin.At an early age she discovered her passion for music, when she first encountered somebody virtuously playing the violin. This first touch point with the musical realm sparked the light of musical creativity, which became the blazing flame we know today.As Daniela …

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Flava is a 21-year-old violinist and techno DJ based in Potsdam. She has been playing the violin since she was 6 years old and has been part of an orchestra, playing in competitions. Despite her classical training, she has been inspired by techno since she was a child, with The Prodigy being a major influence …

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Yousawlaurent is a 20-year-old DJ hailing from the sunny South of Germany. As a child, Yousawlaurent had a pas-sion for playing the piano, which eventually led him to ex-plore the world of electronic music. With a strong desire to create his own sound, Yousawlaurent attended his first illegal outdoor rave in Switzerland at the tender …

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Luis aka SIUL is a 27 year old vinyl & digital DJ and producer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.From the age of 16, SIUL began listening to Schranz and hard techno, and on his 18th birthday, attended his first techno party. This was a major life-changing event for him, where he became enlightened by …

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Isabelle Beese

Isabelle is a passionate music lover who has been working in the electronic music industry for over 12 years. She has dedicated her career to promoting and producing various electronic music events while running her own booking agency for the last eight years. Her love for music extends beyond just event production and artist booking. …

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Ephy Pinkman

Waddup this is Ephy Pinkman! i’m made of titanium implants, lots O’ colors and ADHD, oh and i wear pink and do DJ and producing and and and …


FRANCK is here for a gid time, no a long time. Club goers have said that his sets are hotter than a Greggs Steak Bake just out the oven and his tunes are harder than Blighty’s Boozers.


Valerick Lantin-Beaulieu is a Franco Spanish Hardcore Techno Dj and producer, based in Paris. Member of the duo Balagan, active member of the French association who helps the electronic music culture in France, Technopol and co-founder of the new parisian collective, Loud. He’s alongside Tommy Vaudecrane, the other half of balagan, the Hard Techno, Hard …

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GMJ – Bio 2022 Meanwhile / Replug / Sudbeat Gavin Griffin, also known as GMJ, has been a prominent figure in underground electronic dance music for over two decades. Forging a successful career as a DJ, event organizer and producer, Gavin is a pioneering force in the Melbourne scene and has performed all over the …

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DJ and producer from the Netherlands, known for his intense sets comprised of high tempo, creative and heavy energetic sounds, always filled with surprises along the way.


Attractive and powerful, Lacchesi’s techno is like a seductive, engaging and impatient seduction. His intensive sets are expressed like a couple, between him and the stage, between his determined personality and his decisive assaults, and he strives to build an irresistible, expressive and ephemeral story. Producer and co-founder of Maison Close Records, Lacchesi embodies a …

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Lucy Sparks

Infectious is a UK-based marketing agency working with some of the best artists and record labels in the music industry. Founded in 2009, we worked on our first UK #1 album campaign in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. Our founders have a combined 30 years experience in the music industry, a global network of …

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Leonie Gerner

Leonie lebt fast ihr ganzes Leben in Berlin, nach ihrem Linguistik Studium arbeitete sie viele Jahre als Fashion Editor für verschiedene Magazinen in ganz Deutschland. Als freie Redakteurin und Kreativ-Direktorin für verschiedene Kunden aus Kunst, Musik und Fashion, bereiste sie die halbe Welt. Neben ihrer Tätigkeit als kreativer Kopf hinter der Kamera, spielte sich ein …

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Newly established and fast-rising Berlin-based duo Minaday is both a private and musical couple and includes Dayne S, who has landed on labels like Stil vor Talent, Defected Records and OFF in the last decade. In 2021, the paired debuted this project when they remixed M.A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Gizmo’ to a great reception. They have recently dropped …

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Jens Kindermann

Abteilungsleiter Produkte, GEMA Berlin. Seit 1996 in der GEMA. Verantwortlich für die Dokumentation von Filmen, Serien, Soundfiles, Monitoring und Herstellungsrechten. Studierter Diplom Bibliothekar.

Guillaume Despin

Entrepreneur, Product Manager & Executive Producer in the Music Tech industry.

Jengi BDME 2023


Dutch DJ and producer Jengi has steadily built an image as one of dance music’s most high potential new up-and-comers. In 2022, Jengi officially established himself on a global scale with the immensely infectious Bel Mercy. Initially picked up by Diplo through his Mad Decent imprint, footage of the head honcho playing the track soon …

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Jil Tanner BDME 2023

Jil Tanner

Jil Tanner is DJ, producer, singer and label owner. The german-born is based in Berlin / Leipzig and known for her vibing techno and tech house sound, that still keep true to her roots with that underground feel. Jil ́s productions have found their own identity with her unique and trippy vocals entwined into her …

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AM.I at the BDME 2023 (Berlin Dance Music Event)


AM.I stands for unapologetically losing yourself in that moment where music explodes into an array of colour and feel. Whilst writing and composing her own typical melodic sound, AM.I enters a world that is entirely her own. And by slowly conquering the Belgian nightlife and beyond, she allows everybody who’s looking for a magical night …

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denise schneider - Berlin Dance Music Event 2023

Denise Schneider

Denise Schneider deliberately decided against an artist name, because she is what she is – authentic, pure, real! Denise Schneider discovered her love for electronic music through her work in the nightlife. By mentoring the artists, her curiosity about the big picture was aroused. When the desire to be a DJ grew stronger, her husband, …

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Tomorrowland Berlin Dance Music Event (BDME 2023)

Michel Van Buyten

Michel Van Buyten is Music Manager at Tomorrowland and Head of Tomorrowland Music

Katrin Fuhrmann BDME

Katrin Fuhrmann

Artist Management & Consulting | Public Relations & Journalism | Project Management After so many years in different companies and with so many jobs, I decided to start my own business in July 2022. With my own agency, which I started in January 2022, I will do the same as before, but now self-employed. With …

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AGENT PROVOCATEUR is a DJ, passionate vinyl digger and promoter @offense.district.rec (pls tag in Insta) from Ukraine for 5 years. She used to live in Chicago due war her country, now she is in Berlin.Anna (her real name) was a resident of queer party, took part on different festivals and events and had an experience …


Josta BDME


Josta is a 20 year veteran of the electronic music scene in Mexico. He is a resident DJ at one of Mexico’s (and the world’s) most renowned clubs: HARDPOP, as well as heading up the Artist Relation department for the club. He has been a Proton Radio show host for over 15 years and is …

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Hayek BDME


Hayek is a Belgium-based producer and DJ, born and raised in Egypt. Despite his young age, he is one of Egypt’s pioneers when it comes to hard-techno and hardcore.

Aexhy BDME


aexhy has been a long time in the scene as a dj which motivated him to push further and start his career as a producer. In his Productions and in his sets you can clearly notice what aexhy is made of. Playfully guiding you through all styles which inspire him, aexhy pushes his boundaries and …

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Dario Klein BDME

Dario Klein

Dario Klein is on a journey through the world of music. He plays many instruments from guitar to synthesizer and percussion to electronic instruments and has a wide repertoire of musical skills to offer. In his sound you can find the broad concept of boundless worlds of sound, the mix of acoustic and electronic elements …

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Giana Brotherz BDME

Giana Brotherz

Frank Hahn worked for many years as a manager for well-known companies in the music industry. During this time, he also established the largest blog for DJ technology in the German-speaking world: His love for art, music and technology led him in 2021 to found the metaverse developer studio RAVE. SPACE is based in …

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To speak about Mikel (Crusy) is to mention one of Spain’s more influential artists of recent years. The Madrid based artist started his journey back in 20011, mixing his first records and exploring his own production with his best friend at only 15 years old, even at that your age he was already captivated by …

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FLUCC is an upcoming artist from Berlin. His music polarizes and plays with emotion – industrial hardcore and intricate synthscapes come together for a powerful sound. In his sets, he explores the boundaries of hard dance music and pushes energy to the limit.

Intaktogene BDME


Intakto…. What? “Entaktogen”, touching what’s within – music with melodies that touch the heart and a bassline finding it’s way right into your bones. Berlin based DJ and producer Intaktogene plays and produces Progressive House. Having a musical background she records some of her instruments herself and also provides the vocals on some of her …

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Jason Wohlstadter BDME

Jason Wohlstadter

Jason is a passionate lover of electronic music who has grown Proton from a non-profit radio station into a platform that powers over 2K independent electronic music labels. As a DJ and label owner himself, the vision has always been simple: build a sustainable business that supports the music he loves.

Darin Epsilon Berlin Dance Music Event BDME

Darin Epsilon

Internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, radio host, and label owner Darin Epsilon is often referred to as a pioneer of Melodic House & Techno and Progressive House. His Perspectives radio show and podcast reaches tens of thousands of listeners every month.He launched his Perspectives Digital record label in November 2010 as an extension of the brand, …

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Herman Verkade BDME 2023

Herman Verkade

Berlin’s one and only dance-specialist music publisher, focussing exclusively on the global needs of Berlin’s techno and house community



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