Music Business

How tech shapes the future of the music industry

This thought-provoking session brings together industry pioneers, tech experts, and creative visionaries to explore the intersection of music and technology and its’ impact on the future of the industry. Our panelists will share their insights, experiences, and predictions, highlighting how technology enables new opportunities for artists, empowers music distribution, facilitates fan engagement, and ultimately shapes …

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Discover how SoundCloud empowers artists, producers and labels to build successful careers on their own terms. Join this masterclass to explore the platform’s latest features, unique fan engagement strategies, and effective marketing techniques. Learn how to strengthen artist-fan relationships, utilize valuable insight tools, boost revenue, and unleash your full potential on SoundCloud.

Mom, i want to be an artist

From the moment we told our parents to today! So many challenges in an artist’s life, let’s talk about it!


Sex Positive inspiration for new cultures! Talking about it with Somnambul, the Sunday party at Kit Kat club!

Vinyl Masterclass with Shaleen

During this masterclass, Shaleen will explore diverse facets of playing records.Participants will have the opportunity to delve into her unique mixing style, while also gaining insights into a plethora of tips and tricks she has acquired through her experience of mixing vinyl only. Shaleen will provide guidance on the art of mixing vinyl itself, as …

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Nachwuchsförderung (Invite only / Business Gathering)

Es gibt verschiedenste Institutionen, die Nachwuchsförderung anbieten. In diesem Panel soll beleuchtet werden, wie Sie sich für Acts und Veranstaltende auswirkt und wie Institutionen weiter daran arbeiten, Förderstrukturen auszubauen.Präsentiert von BY.on Elektro, ein Förderprogramm des Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.


Open roundtable format workshop, where participants can ask questions about everything from promotion, monitoring technology, value of radioplays, tips and tricks on how to work with radio etc. Discussion on radio related challenges and topics, with a mission to find solutions Oskar and Jesper will do a short presentation of each of their services, hereafter …


Rising Stars

The beginnings are not easy for anyone but there are people who know very well how to start their musical career. Taking firm steps is very important for every artist and our guests are experts at it. Through their personal experiences our “Rising Stars” will show us the tools to make a successful start.

How to stay relevant in an ever-changing music scene

In an industry that evolves and changes every day, we must all be prepared to stay relevant. With the help of our guests, we will give a series of tips and tricks to make this a reality and make our musical career sustainable over time. Be ready.

Balancing Creativity and Well-Being

Exploring the complex relationship between creative expression and mental health in the music industry and addressing the need for an open dialogue to strive for well-being amongst artists and DJ’s.

Booking Agencies

Join an interactive panel discussion on booking agencies with some of the key people in the electronic music scene: Beth Lydi, Darin Epsilon, and Renaud Doye.

Viral Video 101

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of viral videos with our awesome panelists at the Berlin Dance Music Event! We’re bringing together industry pros who know a thing or two about making videos that catch fire and promote your music on the internet. If you’re a producer, artist, label or event organizer looking …

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DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple: Unlock your passive income & playlist potential.

Discover a powerful new strategy to amplify streaming growth and boost your chances of getting featured in official playlists. Join Proton’s CEO and team for an insightful conversation and the unveiling of a groundbreaking new tool that, in early access, helped record labels generate millions of extra streams and tens of thousands more monthly listeners.

What can a music publisher do for electronic artists

Music publishing activities often take place behind the scenes. This panel will examine what music publishers can do for electronic music artists, songwriters and producers. A focus is placed on the live and festival area as well as streaming.

Ticket-Marketing: How to sell tickets online (fast)

Martin Königsmann (Co-Founder & CEO) und Jan Gasber (Head of Marketing) von MGNFY sprechen mit Tim Gasseling von See Tickets (Head of Product and Client Success Management) über das Thema Ticket-Marketing. Dabei wird sowohl aus der Sicht von Veranstalter, Marketeer und Ticketanbieter beleuchtet, wie sich Veranstalter aller Art heute richtig aufstellen sollten, um langfristig erfolgreich …

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Tomorrowland – Building a local festival into an international entertainment brand

Tomorrowland evolved from a local Belgian festival to a global entertainment brand. Through thoughtful strategies and meticulous execution Tomorrowland built out a worldwide following to which it is dedicated to deliver the best possible experiences, artists and music. Michel will give some historic background, an overview of the current structure and activities, and a look …

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Workshop: GEMA Basics & Insights

The Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) is a global authors’ society for works of music. In Germany, it administers the rights of use arising from the copyright of more than 80,000 members as well as of almost two million rights holders from all over the …

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Building your brand in 2023

Miles Shackleton (Toolroom) and Grahame Farmer (Data Transmission) discuss how to market yourself as an artist.

Breaking Through as an Artist

How to break through as an artist in the music industry. Hearing first hand from Crusy, Raumakusik and Juliet Sikora.

How to ‘really’ get signed

Getting signed to a record label is for many artists a huge barrier. In this panel, Pete Griffiths, Toolroom’s A&R and lead academy tutor gives a masterclass on the creative tips needed to hit your goals as an artist. He will cover issues such as creative mindset, finding your sound, how to build connections in …

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Get Played, Get Paid

Join the panel on DJ monitoring & fingerprinting technology with two key persons in the publishing industry: Herman Verkade (Musiqware), Yuri Dokter (DJ Monitor) & Intaktogene.

Defected Talk

Defected Records talk with CEO Wez Saunders. Marian to add any additional information.



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