Conference Category: Music Business

How can arists use music NFT’s to build active communities

How artists can leverage the power of music NFTs to build engaged and active communities. Participants will share their experiences and insights on how to use NFTs to create unique and immersive experiences for fans, while also exploring the potential benefits and challenges of this emerging technology.

Ticket-Marketing: How to sell tickets online (fast)

Martin Königsmann (Co-Founder & CEO) und Jan Gasber (Head of Marketing) von MGNFY sprechen mit Tim Gasseling von See Tickets (Head of Product and Client Success Management) über das Thema Ticket-Marketing. Dabei wird sowohl aus der Sicht von Veranstalter, Marketeer und Ticketanbieter beleuchtet, wie sich Veranstalter aller Art heute richtig aufstellen sollten, um langfristig erfolgreich …

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Tomorrowland – Building a local festival into an international entertainment brand

Tomorrowland evolved from a local Belgian festival to a global entertainment brand. Through thoughtful strategies and meticulous execution Tomorrowland built out a worldwide following to which it is dedicated to deliver the best possible experiences, artists and music. Michel will give some historic background, an overview of the current structure and activities, and a look …

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Workshop: GEMA Basics & Insights

The Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) is a global authors’ society for works of music. In Germany, it administers the rights of use arising from the copyright of more than 80,000 members as well as of almost two million rights holders from all over the …

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Building your brand in 2023

Miles Shackleton (Toolroom) and Grahame Farmer (Data Transmission) discuss how to market yourself as an artist.

Breaking Through as an Artist

How to break through as an artist in the music industry. Hearing first hand from Crusy, Raumakusik and Juliet Sikora.

How to ‘really’ get signed

Getting signed to a record label is for many artists a huge barrier. In this panel, Pete Griffiths, Toolroom’s A&R and lead academy tutor gives a masterclass on the creative tips needed to hit your goals as an artist. He will cover issues such as creative mindset, finding your sound, how to build connections in …

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Join a panel with some of the key people in the electronic music scene such as Beth Lydi and Darin Epsilon.

Defected Talk

Defected Records talk with CEO Wez Saunders. Marian to add any additional information.



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