Sven from Somnambul BLN


Sven Gohrband was born on August 15, 1972 in the western part of Berlin. In the early 1990s he came into contact with the pioneers of electronic music in the Linientreu disco, where the first techno parties later took place. In the mid-1990s he met his future laser partner Tron, through whom he operated the laser systems, which he had built himself at the time, at a wide variety of acid and techno parties in Berlin. In 1998, after a laser job, he was taken to the KitKatClub, which was still based in the Kreuzberg turbine, for the first time. What he saw there he had never seen or felt at any of the many other techno events. So it happened as it had to, the visits became more regular and from 2001 he was allowed to operate the laser system in the KitKat, which was then based in the Tempelhofer Malzfabrik, every Saturday night. From then on he was also given other tasks from time to time. After the club moved to what was then the Sage Club in 2007, he was also allowed to organize the first regular Sunday night déjà vu parties. Later came the monthly Bohéme Bizarre, which he organized together with a friend, Dj Monty. In 2013 his own events became too much for him, it was a lot of work to get the dance floor reasonably full every Sunday. In the period up to 2017 he was also one of the club’s night managers. Since the ban on dancing was lifted in March 2022 after the Corona break, he has been the organizer of the Somnambul BLN, which takes place every Sunday night.

References: Somnambul BLN
Origin: Germany

participates in the following events

Interview/Talk //
with DE FEO, Robert night manager from KitKatClub, Sven from Somnambul BLN //
@Selina Hotel Mitte
Saturday (27.05)
GENRE: Dance/ Melodic Techno/ Speaker


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