Daniela Hensel


Daniela Hensel is an electronic techno producer and DJ from the outskirts of Berlin.
At an early age she discovered her passion for music, when she first encountered somebody virtuously playing the violin. This first touch point with the musical realm sparked the light of musical creativity, which became the blazing flame we know today.
As Daniela Hensel became a teenager and interested in new kinds of music, while also following her musical passion, she took trips to the heart of Berlin and its notorious underground techno scene regularly, which ultimately encouraged her to move to the city and become a dancefloor regular and eventually a DJ.
In this new environment Daniela thrived as an artist and could cultivate her DJing skills. However, DJing would not remain the only hobbyhorse of hers as DJing alone could not
give her the full ability of expressing her creativity. Under the guidance of her musical mentors and with the support of her friends Daniela became a producer, crafting a groovy brand of heavy hitting hard techno.
Her style made her one of the most exciting exports Germany has to offer these days. One might have already had the luck of catching her in clubs or at festivals around the globe, i.e., in the US (Domicile Miami, Infra Boston), Switzerland (…), Spain and Portugal (…), Ireland (…), South America (…) or the middle east (…). In her still blooming career, she also already toured through Colombia, India and Turkey.
On her musical journey the tours in India and Colombia were extremely influential and they mark a point in history from which her producing evolved into new directions. Daniela ́s contemporary productions fuse a hybrid of dark techno and raw industrial sounds and bend the borders of the techno genre.
Between gigs, producing definitely is her top priority so that she can express herself fully through her music. In addition to a busy release schedule, she continues to tour the world, bringing her uniquely dynamic DJ performances to techno enthusiasts all over the globe.
Even though the life of a touring DJ is exciting and demanding, Daniela is deeply rooted in the Berlin Club Scene with her residencies in the infamous …. and … . Add to that a batch of upcoming releases, and you’ve got yourself a genuinely exciting year as an artist.

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GENRE: Hard Techno/ Melodic Techno


berlin dance music event X

the berlin dance music event 2023 awaits you on the 25. - 28. May.



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